“†Panic Attack Cure For Free†” (((anxiety)))

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14 Responses to ““†Panic Attack Cure For Free†” (((anxiety)))”

  1. samrat yogi says:

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    awesome things about it from my buddy perfect!

  2. Abu Tahir says:

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  3. cristina jones says:

    @jefter7676. I have been on clonazepam for 12 yrs.@1 mg 1x daily. and even
    though i have never needed to up my dose the drs. are always trying to take
    me off of them. the thing is once I stop taking them i dont just have a
    panic attack, i have one long 7 hr. attack( thats how long i suffered
    before i ended up in the er). My disorder is actually panic disorder w/
    agoraphobia. If you or anyone else can answer why my panic is not in spurts
    but just 1 long panic attack I would love to hear it.

  4. joeleepenny says:

    is there away to find out who this is?

  5. joeleepenny says:

    oh i love this i suffer daily panic i can relate so much to this i got my
    bible out im ready to give my life and love to god

  6. Tasha Locklear says:

    I too suffer from Panic attacks! It is the most horrible feeling I have
    ever had. I am a 30 year old mother of two beautiful, wonderful children
    and I have a wonderful man of God as my husband. I spend MOST of my time in
    my room crying out to God..I fear I am going to die because of the symptoms
    and really have to force myself to do anything with my family. I have been
    prayed for, been on medications and going back Weds to see about meds again
    but don’t really want meds.

  7. jefter7676 says:

    i have been on clonazapam every day for 19 years now for panic attacts,
    everytime i ask my therapist that i want to get off of it he talks me out
    of it. is he benefiting from the drug company to keep me on this? I want to
    stop taling these daily already.

  8. Loraine Adam says:

    A year ago i was having panic attacks that always resulted in fainting,
    mostly in public places, and even during a date once. It was embarrassing
    and very dangerous. So i used meds but before long the effects wore off.
    Searching one day I discovered a brief video and decided i’d give it a
    shot. the method worked instantly! Because I am not afraid and understand
    i’m able to stop any attack, the attacks went away. check the short video
    at makeanxietygoaway (dot) com and take your life back

  9. rachelle vilme says:

    im gonna call

  10. ANT1714 says:

    my names anthony i been suffering from anxiety for 1 year and 1 month every
    single day all day can u give me a call i would like to talk to you
    330-503-9967 im on medication for it but thats just makeing it worse please
    call and god bless

  11. joeleepenny says:

    wow ive watched this so many times Jeff would you email me?

  12. 1wayTV says:

    @jefter7676 I understand you ! I suffered like you it`s a terrible feeling
    & a nightmare but if you take steps you can beat it ! Google scriptures
    against fear. Read them over & over. Say them out load. Understand what you
    are reading.You will start feeling different like stronger less & less
    fear. Then you can start taking less & less medicine but you got 2 keep it
    up until you defeat it!!! Try it it`s free you got nothing 2 lose but you
    got 2 attack it !!! Hope this helps you out…

  13. peachescrashmacgyver says:

    your empowerment was your religion good for you, mine was cognitive therapy
    its been 5yrs since i’ve had an anxiety attack. Anyone who wants help
    google Lucina Basset

  14. 1wayTV says:

    @joeleepenny Call TBN 1-888-731-1000 they might know how!!!

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