460 Free yourself from panic attacks and claustrophobia!

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (23) EFT King.
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23 Responses to “460 Free yourself from panic attacks and claustrophobia!”

  1. Fahad Afzal says:

    help me on panic attacks please.

  2. Gina Duggan says:

    I notice you tap on his hand or arm? Can not see it in this video. Thank
    you very much.

  3. Anna del C. Dye says:

    Try this if you have panic attaks

  4. milliomoselme says:

    Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Ginger1313 says:

    anxiety suckssssssssssssssss

  6. Sol Man says:

    @sollysolman sorry meant to say up to level two, not three

  7. lisana yoga says:

    LOVE your videos robert love your humour youre absolutely so simple no
    years of counselling and crying just get it done thanks so much bless you xx

  8. HealingMagic says:

    Invest your time in FasterEFT and discover how to change it. If you need
    help seek a FasterEFT practitioner at my website.

  9. Jerome Resurreccion says:

    Do you answer youtube mail? I sent you a question about sexual cravings? do
    I just tap on the cravings I feel, what about the fantasies? what about
    past incidents? Also if I tap on sexual craving how does that work? Won’t
    sexual cravings always be in the human body?

  10. MrVegiita says:

    @beingsarahc what kind of things do u do to cope?

  11. loverainthunder says:

    That was FANTASTIC. Tapped because a piece of my tooth broke, a hidden
    part, but I looked at it with a mirror experienced abject terror. I feel
    better. Now I can go to the dentist or wait for the rest to fall off. LMAO
    HAHA Need to tap for money now. LOL

  12. tierrabear10 says:


  13. chloe2shoes says:

    nice. it’d be great to hear a follow up from ron in about two months about
    his progress. is that possible?

  14. TalkShowKelly says:

    Robert, I did one or two rounds of tapping on my Sister-in law at a bar a
    few weeks ago, related to her bird phobia. Today she tells me she is cured.

  15. loverainthunder says:

    I mean THANKS ROBERT!!!!

  16. It's me.... Sarah... :) says:

    I’ve had severe agoraphobia and panic attacks for 13 years. I can’t do
    anything alone. I panic doing the smallest of tasks. I can’t even get to
    the end of my road which would take about 3 minutes to walk.

  17. csulak eva says:

    Thank you Robert, is works so much better if I do the tapping it with your

  18. Jane Orton says:

    beautiful piece of work Robert…and Ron!

  19. Sol Man says:

    @beingsarahc Call Robert, or contact me as I’ve just done faster eft
    training up to level free. I’m just asking for donations at the moment (I’m
    not as good as Robert yet but I’m not bad!). We can do a skype sessions if
    you want! We’re here to help you make changes!

  20. mortdepeur13 says:

    poor old man. i have panic attacks too. and they are horrible!! but they
    are gone now.

  21. birdienumnums1 says:

    I had months and months of EFT, but it did not help me to completely get
    over my agoraphobia……I think some people have far more complex
    situations to be fair, it did help me ot lower my panic levels though, I
    know I need to test how much I can cope, but I have now completely lost my
    desire to go out, its just as if the outside world does not exist, really
    bad situation……

  22. It's me.... Sarah... :) says:

    @MrVegiita I don’t cope… Ever. Over 13 years, i have never managed to
    control them 🙁

  23. TalkShowKelly says:

    @beingsarahc start tapping and don’t stop until you get over your
    agoraphobia! You can do it!

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