5 Ways To Stop An Panic Attack

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Panic Attacks are very scary and can last up to an hour. Hopefully with these tricks you can get over them in a fraction of that time. FOLLOW ME: Tumblr:…

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5 Responses to “5 Ways To Stop An Panic Attack”

  1. jackcarr45 says:

    When I was younger, I got bullied for 2 years by a ginger kid (it’s usually
    the other way round haha but yeah). I told the teachers at my school (bear
    in mind I was only around 6 years old and couldn’t really defend myself)
    countless times, and never did they do anything, but as soon as I stood up
    for myself in front of him, he would tell on me and I would get in real
    trouble. This incident destroyed my confidence, and even my mum was
    shouting at me at home for being naughty in school, because she never heard
    the full story from the teacher. I’m actually envying this kid right now
    writing this. Eventually, my mum realised what was going on (I have no idea
    how), and she instantly apologised and moved me to a different school.
    However, this did me no good. For 20 years after this incident (when I
    moved to a different part of the country) I had severe social anxiety, and
    rarely spoke to a single person other than my family in that time.

    Anyone who is reading this and has never suffered from social anxiety, pay
    attention: imagine being trapped in a box with a bunch of people. They are
    talking to you, but it feels impossible to look at them. You cannot open
    your mouth. You feel really intimidated and embarrassed. As soon as they
    walk away, you feel like kicking yourself because you didn’t speak, but
    whenever you see someone, you’re afraid to even stand withing 6 feet of
    them. Imagine that for 11 years straight. That’s what I experienced.

    I did not visit a therapist, but I took a 3-month break to spain on my own
    once I finished my exams, and when I got back, I moved out to live further
    towards the south of england. That time away gave me a chance to sit back
    and not have to worry about anyone bothering me; most people didn’t even
    speak my language, so whatever they said to me was irrelevant in my mind.
    That break gave me the confidence to move out from the home I lived in for
    19 years and start a new life, away from anyone I had seen in my past. I
    still see my family, and I still care about them, but I don’t care about
    their social lives with people from my past. I was feeling much better, and
    I just didn’t want to know.

    Look at me now, I have a degree in quantum mechanics and looking at doing a
    post-grad in maths!

    For everyone out there reading this very, very long and boring comment,
    remember my life, and how I let one kid and a small group of his friends
    destroy me, and how much better I would have been if I had accepted my
    mental issue and seen a therapist before I got to high school like my
    mother always asked me to. Learn from this, and if you are suffering, make
    sure you tell a parent or see a therapist immediately.

    That was hard to explain, but I hope you get the idea!

  2. firefly121343 says:

    I don’t think I could make it through panic attacks without music!

  3. Souless Zocario says:

    Wow, it’s been a while…anyway, I guess the 1st or 4th one is best for

  4. Spreading Smiles says:

    I hope this helps :)

  5. Ski Boy says:

    Listening to music yesssssss

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