649 You can Stop Panic Attacks and Panic disorders because I did.

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Panic doesn’t attacks but rather we inwardly attack ourself with thoughts and ideas.
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8 Responses to “649 You can Stop Panic Attacks and Panic disorders because I did.”

  1. Karen Stallings says:

    Was your session with Robert added tithe you tube list? I’ve only seen
    Robert talk about PAs but never have I seen someone actually been in the

  2. mortdepeur13 says:

    And i did too.

  3. Ruby Carpenterrub says:

    Did you try Faster EFT and did it help?

  4. Little Miss Sarah - The agoraphobic! says:

    Oh my, i need this. I’ve had severe panic and agoraphobia for 15 years. I
    cannot and haven’t left the house alone at all during this time.

  5. DomPwnzU says:

    I have been having panic disorder for a month. nothing feels real anymore,
    i cry all the time, i really need help.

  6. Karen Stallings says:

    Hot seat with one! It would’ve really helpful to watch one while going
    through it! Thank you for this video!

  7. michael douglas says:

    Brilliant video, I know Lizy and she has changed so much.

  8. checkitout3518 says:


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