9 Easy Steps to Simulate the Sensation of Panic

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Grover shows you 9 ways to feel like you’re having a panic attack! This was made for my cousin’s psychology class! Please note: This is not meant to make fun…
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25 Responses to “9 Easy Steps to Simulate the Sensation of Panic”

  1. Adam malec says:

    This was funny as hell, but sum quick advice do NOT do this standing next
    to the pool

  2. rote223 says:

    i banged my head off my desk on number 4 >_> I gave up

  3. RoddyProductions says:

    What is the name of the song in the beginning?!

  4. desertman35 says:

    You have talent….. great video, made me laugh, thanks

  5. That's So Mander says:

    I LOVE YOU GROVER!!!1 and this is actually what it feels like for rme when
    i have panic attacks…wowzers LOL.

  6. NOTACAB says:

    this is so funny i have sufferd 4 years i know now not to take panic
    attacks so seriously anymore thank u u made me laugh

  7. MistyBlue2010 says:

    This video is awesome!

  8. formless777 says:

    Does anybody seriously get a sense of unreality from staring at themselves
    in a mirror for 2 minutes ? I am genuinely curious. I didn’t get any effect
    after 8 minutes. Gave up.

  9. glowworm2 says:

    oh my g-d! You got a Grover pupppet for your imitaions. This is absolutely
    hysterical! I love the part where Grover starts singing “In between my
    legs” And I love the background music!

  10. Jim Arnold says:

    Thank you!

  11. GenevieveMelissa says:

    Perfection! That was the best video I’ve seen about panic yet.

  12. OhWhatACutie says:

    FUN?!!!!!!! They’re bloody terrifying!!!!!!!!!

  13. Devin Humphreys says:

    not very funny at all, but it does make me feel better about my problem…
    made me laugh about it!

  14. doubleelectric says:

    So am I. lol. But it took 8 years and 6 psycologists to get me to this
    point. 0_o

  15. Jim Arnold says:

    Thanks, that’d be me.

  16. XMistressxOfxDeathX says:


  17. xxRachyx says:

    omg funny i suffer from panic attacks and seeing that just made me laff!
    next time i get one i will just fink of lil Grover!

  18. Jim Arnold says:

    Well thanks!

  19. Jim Arnold says:

    Nothing’s ever easy

  20. Jim Arnold says:

    I’m glad you’ve adapted to them so well!

  21. artsygirl89 says:

    This is freaking fantastic, now I have something to send to people when(if)
    I decide to tell them about my panic disorder. I hope your cousin got an A
    for this!

  22. Jim Arnold says:

    The purpose was to give people who don’t suffer from panic disorder an idea
    of what it’s like!

  23. Xoebear says:

    Umm can you do the spinning thing without a chair? And do you have to do
    this all within a short amount of time? About how long would you say?

  24. SenselessWaste says:

    Thank you for posting this. Its been my grim little problem for three years
    – it was a joy to laugh about it.

  25. fjko dfas says:

    Very accurate haha

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