A Real Anxiety Attack Story

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (9) Learn more about my inspiring struggle to cure my panic attacks, and the cure that helped me, at my site anxiety attack drugs anxiety attack for anxiety attack forum anxiety attack from anxiety attack high anxiety attack home anxiety attack how…
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9 Responses to “A Real Anxiety Attack Story”

  1. dahooligan12 says:

    everyone please thumbs up my previous comment so help can go out to anyone who wants it. its completely free and all you need is a facebook account (its much faster easier to talk than here on youtube) please help me help you! thank you! -chris

  2. dahooligan12 says:

    EVERYONE READ THIS PLEASE!!! i suffer from anxiety as well as most of you. i may not know the CURE but i know ways of stopping an anxiety attack before or as its happening. i know the pain all of you are going through, and i want to help. so if you want help, please feel free to send me a private message and i’ll be glad to add you on facebook and help you through there 🙂 have a great day everyone and i hope i can help somehow!!!

  3. FattyMaria says:

    Is there anyone who really wants to help someone without asking money for it? in all the websites I looked up today the issue is money, so, how do people who do not have money have to get themselfs free of anxiety, they will be forever dependent on panic attacks because they can not pay for a result, that is said to be so simple..

  4. Conni17 says:

    People who dislike it don’t know what these people have been through….

  5. soberdave1971 says:

    maybe I’ll write Enya to say you stole her music too, asswipe.

  6. soberdave1971 says:

    SPAM. If you really wanted to help, you wouldn;t sell some bullshit item to do it. Fuck off and have happy panic ever after.

  7. diablo2freakgirl says:

    @fathersonnholyspirit im 13 and thiss happend to me on monday my first day of 8th grade and i was so excited eversince monday i have been stressed and i have had really heavy deep breaths constantly the sweating and the stress is messing with me idk how to deal with this plz give me advice my doctor gave me tenny pills to calom me down at time when i feel i need it but thts alot

  8. magicpillnow says:

    Watch a video in my channel names – Magic-Pill-in-action4-Instant anxiety cure to see how easily you can get rid of anxiety. Instantly and effortlessly.

  9. fathersonnholyspirit says:

    None of you have to live with this anymore. I used to be a victim of this and I know the frustration, embarrassment and fear that is involved. Please go to my site. You dont need to buy anything, I promise you its already been paid for fuentesevangelism-.-c-o-m-

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