About Panic Symptoms & Anxiety Disorders Cures

George asks…

How far sudharshanakriya is effective in controlling the anxiety disorders?

Art of Living Foundation of Sri Sri Ravishankarji is conducting the courses AOL – I AND AOL-II, Basic and advanaced course in meditation and claim that the same is most effective in curing the anxiety related disorders.

ask.deban answers:

Lets look at the art of prayer.

read the articles there

moshiya de broek

Michael asks…

Why can’t anxiety disorders be cured with just therapy?

To me, they are just psychologically based.

ask.deban answers:

You are thinking in terms of science and a cure; not in terms of the patient, and how complicated anxiety is in the human mind and physical body.

It can be said that anxiety disorders are physically, emotionally and spiritually based, and all three areas require healing.

People with anxiety disorders live in fear. What is the therapeutic cure for fear?

Sharon asks…

Has anyone got any stories of people getting over and curing there anxiety disorders?

I only ask this because i have one 🙁 and it’s got so bad recently it’s ruining my life, i am seeking treatment for it but it’s putting me off my food and even thinking about eating makes me feel sick and i just have this huge dark cloud over my head atm :((

ask.deban answers:

Smoke some weed.

I’ve always had anxiety although not as bad as I have it now. I stopped smoking weed like 4 years ago and my depression and anxiety have been way out of control since then, plus other things have happened. I’ve tried all kinds of anxiety and antidepressant pills but I’m really not into something that makes me feel MORE depressed and has horrible side effects. To me, antidepressants are a joke and anti-anxiety pills do nothing to solve the problem and also have backlash effects or rebound anxiety.

Ruth asks…

Can hypnosis cure my anxiety disorder?

I have heard a lot about hypnotherapy. Some are true and some may be fictitious. I don’t know which ones are true and which ones are false. I have heard that hypnosis can solve a lot of mental disorder. Can it cure anxiety?

My second question is, can a hypnotist completely take over the personality of his patient? I mean, can a hypnotist turn a peace-loving innocent type of person into a violent and cruel kind of criminal?

ask.deban answers:


Join our forum & you can ask what you like about hypnosis, see profile.

Hypnosis is excellent for anxiety.

It is impossible for a hypnotherapist to take over anyone, a hypnotic state is a natural one simply induced by a therapist. The subconscious mind protects us at all costs, so it is impossible for anyone to control, you are in charge at all times.


David asks…

How can you cure an anxiety disorder?

I learned that there are 4 types of anxiety disorders. What is the treatment for this condition?

ask.deban answers:

Normally, a psychiatrist can prescribe SSRIs, which block serotonin in the brain, or anti-depressants, but those aren’t “cures.”

There are things you can do yourself to solve the problem from within…without a pill.

– Cognitive Behavior Therapy: It’s a fancy scientific term for getting to the root of your problem. It’s based on the belief that our response to things, not the things themselves, cause the problems. Basically, think about why you feel anxiety and work at it from there.

– Relaxation techniques: Meditation is a big one. You create a calm inside yourself and can revert to it when things get too stressful. This has really helped me. After long enough, you can do it in nearly an instant. In essence, it’s all about stepping back, taking a few breaths, breaking a problem down into manageable pieces and taking on each small bit so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

As for the types of anxiety, try out this site. It’s pretty decent. Http://www.healthline.com/search?q1=Generalized+Anxiety+Disorder

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