Anxiety and Panic Attacks – My Symptoms and Diagnosis

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (4)

This video will cover my experiences with my anxiety and panic attacks, my symptoms and diagnosis. Part two will cover my treatment and how I quit having anx…

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4 Responses to “Anxiety and Panic Attacks – My Symptoms and Diagnosis”

  1. brittyxbeauty says:

    I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder with forms of OCD when i
    was 13. I missed a year of high school due to it. I also had stomach ulcers
    at 14. Still suffer to.this day, but thankfully medication and
    other.techniques have helped. I totally get what you mean with the whole
    ‘good info’ on the web. Great video girl! Im sure you’ll help someone :)

  2. Nicole Williams says:

    Heather! This is a great video! Thank you so much for sharing, you are very
    strong. I too have struggled with mental illnesses. The stigma is crazy! I
    applaud you for wanting to talk about it! 

  3. DanielReedLockard says:

    Great Video.I can relate so much to this.

  4. nellie pisani says:

    i feel for you i have now for 20 years and i have to be on medication! and
    the symstom are excatly like yours i work in the medical fiel i would say
    im dying they would take me in and they say major panicks attacks,sorry for
    my spelling english is my second language.

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