Anxiety And Panic Attacks

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My history of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks Great Website- Dungeons Of Dredmor Source- …

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10 Responses to “Anxiety And Panic Attacks”

  1. RetrospectiveGaming says:

    I talk about my history with anxiety and panic atttacks

    #anxietyattack #panicattacks 

  2. Barry Clark says:

    Another good video. I commend you for being able to talk about this online.
    It is no joke. Those fucktards that make fun of this have never experienced

  3. SnJ Gaming says:

    Great advice on a very misunderstood condition, nice going mate.

  4. Jonathan Pena says:

    Hey man I’m new to your channel and I gotta say I’ve been living with this
    shit since I was 12 and I’m 19 now. Same exact thing you went through bro
    it’s a living hell, still to this day I would get that shit. Just wanna say
    thanks for sharing your story it means a lot.

  5. PC FTW says:

    That’s crazy dude! I’m glad your feeling better

  6. Django Fett says:

    Wow, crazy story man! Thanks for sharing man

  7. Bloobourneftw says:

    This is deep bro…Anxiety is a beast

  8. Akemi Homura says:

    respect to the people who share there pain and experiences with others.
    not only can it help themselves but others who may be dealing with similar

  9. Mace Cofflin says:

    This is real deep man, I like it. Hope you make more interesting videos
    like this.

  10. Akemi Homura says:

    i really respect people that make videos like can be hard for
    people to talk about stuff like this
    but being able to do so makes you stronger and can relive stress just
    getting it out of your system
    depression from life experiences is probably why japan has the highest
    suicide rate in the world
    because they are so fucked up with understanding others feelings its
    they dont have many psychiatrists either
    its really bad to express your self in there culture getting shunned there
    is nothing like in say America
    this does not apply as much to Gaijins(foreigners)as they are looked at as
    im the same i generally refuse to take medicine its more of a last resort
    for me
    eating right,vitamins and exercise works plenty for most things
    some of which you need to do b4 you get the problem

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