Anxiety Or Panic Attacks And Gluten

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There is a lot of news coming out about people who have anxiety mood disorders depression and PTSD or other panic attack problems being helped by the exclusi…

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20 Responses to “Anxiety Or Panic Attacks And Gluten”

  1. Sandy Crookes says:

    That was really helpful. I too have had years of anxiety and panic
    attacks, social phobia, depression. It is really hard to put into words
    but juicing has helped me improve inside out. Though everyday is still an
    ongoing challenge, I make a conscious effort to fight away negitive
    thoughts still, but im getting better. Ive done a few juices also,
    however, this being my 30th day juicing, I cant actually see myself wanting
    to eat another animal ever. And thats a fantastic thing and I do thank you
    for giving information on vegan life. Sometimes we arent always ready to
    receive information until we are mentally grown. I think Im there now, so
    Im so keen to learn foods to eat in the future. Thank you for sharing your
    personal story, my story is kinda similar and its good to know Im not
    alone. Thanks again 

  2. anxietyattack24 says:

    very good video

  3. Tome Rodrigo says:

    AMAZING !!

  4. Tome Rodrigo says:


  5. Tomania Dunlop says:

    My mother had terrible panic attacks and she was a zombie on the pills
    doctors proscribed her. She had tons of doctors and they said she was
    bipolar. I know she was not! She was in an out of mental institutions
    because she was always on different medications. She had a hard childhood.
    As a teenager I’d have to catch her from falling too and always worried
    about her dying. When she moved to a different state the doctors thought it
    was crazy how many pills she was on and slowly started tapering her off. It
    was the first time I seen her walk in years, unfortunately the damage was
    done and she passed when I was 21 years.

    Gluten is terrible for me too and everyone in my opinion. I heard it’s more
    of a problem for Eastern Europeans and that’s very strong on my mothers
    side. Any who, when I eat gluten it’s like I’m drunk, dizzy, can’t think
    straight, memory loss,bloating, learning disabilities…etc. A good
    scientific book to read about gluten is “Wheat Belly.”

    Thankyou Mia for sharing your story!

    and marijuana is good as long as the grower doesn’t stray the beautiful
    plant with harsh chemicals :)

  6. Jessica Gutierrez says:

    I haven’t noticed any correlation between my gluten intake and my
    anxiety/depression. I mean, gluten makes my stomach feel like shit and I
    get extremely sluggish which doesn’t make me happy. I’ve been eating
    low/fat free vegan gluten free with an emphasis on high carb and really the
    ONLY thing that helps me is cannabis (which I have to quit soon for job
    hunting :'[ ) and exercise. I’m 20 and I’ve been depressed as far back as I
    can remember and I’ve had high anxiety since high school.

  7. thebackwardsheadman says:

    That was wonderful! this is my third day no gluten! Thanks!

  8. klaanderson3 says:

    you look and sound great…and it is so nice to see you happy!

  9. Ramona Leigh says:

    You are not alone.

  10. Jamiann Adams says:

    This is my favorite video of yours… I have someone like Rob who does
    anything humanly possible to make my life better 🙂 we are lucky women

  11. kbarb1000 says:

    Love ya Mia

  12. syudi2012 says:

    Mia I love u and I sent u a message on Facebook I’m waiting for you to
    message me bk PLEASE

  13. pinetree909 says:

    Soy bothers me in addition to gluten.

  14. Diana L says:

    I love this Video of Yours I think You are Awesome, thank you for sharing
    such Wonderful Information here with Everyone. Have a Amazing Day,
    sincerely, Diana.

  15. Sherelle Mitchell says:

    OMG……I sooooooo appreciate you and this video. I am going through some
    of the things that you have mentioned. I have been battling with Anxiety
    and Depression for the past 4 years. I have been in the hospital due to
    this issue as well as EKG’s, Echocardiograms, and CAT SCAN, all came back
    NORMAL. I would LOVE to talk to you more because I honestly need help. It
    seems like I’m losing my mind. I have one doctor saying this, the other
    saying that. CONFUSING………

  16. thebackwardsheadman says:

    Thanks for that.

  17. ToriMichele Morris says:

    I met with a psychologist and within 5 mins he also dx’ed me with bipolar
    too! Wtf? Our stories are so similar. I had a very abusive relationship, I
    too have chronic pain and Fibro. I’ve been watching u since the vids with
    Bear! You are an inspiration to me! xo Tori

  18. GFveganlife says:

    Well then go to my facebook page Juicing FTW and personal message me. Let’s

  19. waiting2exhale2 says:

    Thanks! You are a sweetheart! Message received. No more gluten for me!

  20. Christine Falcon says:

    Thank you for post this video it answered a lot of the questions I had
    about what could be causing my anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I
    plan on doing a juice fast soon and cutting out gluten from my diet

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