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25 Responses to “Anxiety, Panic Attacks, How to Deal with Anxiety, Psychology, Mental Health | Natural Alternatives”

  1. Holypikemanz says:

    Im big into alternative medicine. I believe that almost every “mental”
    disease is actually a physical one. Excessive sugar, GMO, saturated fat,
    preservatives, deficient vitamin levels, and bacterial and viral infections
    can effect the brain. C. pneumoniae, lyme disease, mycoplasma are common
    infections that can spread throughout a person’s body. Vitamin D levels are
    often crazy low in people with chronic infections, so D3 can make a huge
    difference. Molybdenum helps with yeast toxins like candida albicans that
    too much sugar makes grow, often shockingly low in people. Zinc, for sexual
    and immune health, shockingly low in most people. I buy the individual
    supplements and not the near worthless multi vitamins. GNC and Solgar are
    good brands.

  2. Wise Student says:

    You notice he didn’t mention a word about diet and what we need for brain
    health.??? Doctors are not trained in diet and nutrition !!

  3. Bike Rider says:

    I had a benzodiazepine deficiency. But now I’m on xanax

  4. clausm2203 says:

    great video have suffered from panic attacks since i was a kid and was
    diganosed with aspergers when a was 37

  5. S Ann says:

    yes, I think I’m developing anxiety. crazy people i know or don’t know
    make me annoyed (ok, let me rephrase that…certain things or people
    sometimes say or do things that make me anxious/annoyed). 

  6. Bea says:

    I appreciate your guys’ efforts, but these videos are honestly embarrassing
    to watch. As someone with a master in social work who has had to take
    classes on mental health, trauma-informed care, & various illnesses (and
    done research on my own), so much of this is incomplete. Desensitization
    can work for people with phobias; that’s certainly true. But that’s not
    something that generally works for people with generalized anxiety. I’m
    sure Dr. Ross is a great general practitioner, but most doctors don’t know
    much about mental health and mental illness, and as such, are unwilling to
    treat patients with these problems & refer them to a psychiatrist for
    specialized care. While we don’t fully understand medications like SSRIs,
    SNRIs, and Benzodiazepines, they help a *lot* of people. If you want to
    talk about natural remedies, why not talk about Valerian root, 5-HTP, GABA,
    and etc.? This talk about “polar bears in Texas” isn’t helping anyone with
    real mental illnesses. People are DYING from mental illnesses and to hear
    this is so trivializing. It’s treated like a joke. And now I will end my

  7. hadley labbe says:

    I’ve had anxiety for a while and I feel like theres no reason for me to go
    to a therapist because I know the main reasons why I have it. But recently,
    everyday my panic attacks get worse and worse. I usually try closing my
    eyes and go to my happy place as a form of meditation which for me is deep
    in the woods where only the birds can be heard, but since the panic attacks
    have been getting worse, my happy place hasn’t been so nice. Sometimes I’ll
    try meditating during a panic attack to make it stop, but now I’ll go to my
    happy place and trees will be burning and the sky will be dark and they’re
    nothing I can do. It’s made it to the point where now there’s no place that
    I can go away from depression, anxiety and stress. My anxiety started when
    my best friend moved to the other side of the US. I’m only in eigth grade,
    but I already feel as if I’m dying. She was my one safe house, my one way
    to stop my stress. Whenever I needed help or someone to vent to or a way to
    leave everything behind for a while, she was there. So when she left, she
    took part of me with her, the happy part. Obviously we’re too young to
    decide where we go, so she had no choice on leaving. But this caused
    Depression, more stress, and the worst panic attacks I’ve ever had. People
    always say ‘time s the best healer’ but it’s the biggest lie I’ve ever
    heard, if anything time kills me faster. They say ‘with all the modern
    technology you can just facetime her and text’ but it’s not even close to
    the same. She can’t give me a hug when I need one, she can’t pat my back,
    take me out of the house for a while, or just be there. I just can’t bare
    life without her, and now I have nowhere to go to stop my anxiety. What do
    I do?

  8. lillou08scholar says:

    Kudos to that doctor for controlling himself so well with THOSE legs in his
    presence. I, on the other hand, would’ve been like x_X 

  9. sam b says:

    I’ve had a significant decrease in anxiety after taking magnesium and
    probiotics on a daily basis. See a chiropractor and get a stiff ‘foam
    roller’ to keep your spine aligned. With all the unnatural amounts of
    sitting, with bad posture, humans do, there’s bound to be misalignment.
    I’ve been to hell and back. It makes a huge difference. trust me.

  10. rock superstar says:

    mine has been stuck on for 14 years from Horrible experiences from

  11. Ash-J C says:

    I’m 85% recovered from my anxiety-panic disorder. I had it severely for 6
    years, and only in the last few months have I actually made like 80% of the
    overall progress.

    I’ll tell you why:

    1. I went on Anxietynomore website. It’s a free website. Also I checked out
    ‘anxieties’ website (crucial) and Essential Help for Nerves by Clair
    Weekes. That gave me all of the understanding I need. So I have been
    gaining knowledge.

    2. Over the past few months, I coupled it with ACTION. I’ve had more
    experiences in the last few months than I have had in the last 6 years
    experimenting with my anxiety. Learning from my experiences by writing a
    report and writing all of the positive things I did. You will NOT get
    better if you sit there beating yourself up. You will see YEARS of your
    life disappear and you’ll find yourself trying to rationalise it LIKE A
    LOSER. Some people will recover quicker than others, but you will get

    I’m thankful I didn’t let it get in the way of my studies as I stuck it
    out in hell (university) good grade from a top university. When I hear
    stories of people dropping out, it’s really sad.

    If any of you want guidance or help, then talk to me about this. 

  12. Jessica Layton says:

    Thank you for talking about this, I have been struggling with extreme
    anxiety for the past year. And having panic attacks at night. I mostly
    worry about my health and the health and well being of my kids and my
    husband, he is a fire fighter and I’m always worried about him. I am now
    pregnant with my fourth child and I have been looking for ways to cope with
    anxiety without medication. 

  13. Bea says:

    Okay, the DEFINITION of a mental illness includes that it must impede on
    one’s functioning, relationships, & well-being, and everyday activities.
    Therefore, someone who “has anxiety but the anxiety isn’t a problem”…
    doesn’t have anxiety. This is actually embarrassing to watch.

  14. Naturenerd1000 says:

    B complex, extra size Niacinamide b3, magnesium, trace mineral lithium make
    vitamin b work better, chromium – controls blood sugar levels vitamin d,
    sun light, get out of a bad situation, make better decisions in the future
    learn from your mistakes.

  15. Kurx Q says:

    I have nail bitting anxiety issue its been like 2-3 years were i been
    bitting my nails its like a habit when i get nerves or depressed or
    worried..i know it doesnt sound bad but my hand is filled with bite marks
    and any suggestions on how to stop nail bitting its gross I know …

  16. Zano282 says:

    Psychology must be so interesting. It’s so weird how irrational our brains
    can be in anxiety type situations. Some days I feel like I could have an
    argument with a brick wall (but that’s a different story).

  17. Thenoblenerds says:

    *****An amazing healing modality that has changed my life is Faster EFT.
    Check out the channel **+HealingMagic** here on youtube. It will change
    your life!*****

  18. Fran Vernall-Downes says:

    Thank you so much for doing this video, I’ve been suffering with anxiety
    for a long time now and this really helped

  19. Tajai Jarrett says:

    This Video was great I left school because of my anxiety 

  20. Nico Griffin says:

    I absolutely love these. Really amazing energy about your videos. Please
    keep up the great work!

  21. Elijah Murray says:

    Sucks to be me 🙁 

  22. Bill C says:

    Had to do a shoe video so now I recognized the purple ones !!!……only
    anxiety was the cutting away from those legs

  23. BigRon092 says:

    I’ve had panic attacks, anxiety disorder, and PTSD for decades. It’s these
    kind of videos that Corrina Rachel shines in!

  24. lillou08scholar says:

    I find it helps me to randomly tap on things when my anxiety flares up. I’m
    able to reassess my thoughts while focusing on the metronomic steadiness of
    something constant. 

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