Anxiety, panic attacks – Why doesn’t God heal me?

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Anxiety, anxiety disorder, panic attack, panic attacks, why doesn’t God heal me, Jody Johnson’s testimony of God’s healing touch in her life.
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25 Responses to “Anxiety, panic attacks – Why doesn’t God heal me?”

  1. Comrade Vedernikov says:

    Why doesn’t God help you? Because people sin and do not repent,Are you
    masturbating,Drinking,partying,listening to secular music,lusting after
    flesh,over eating,buying more clothes than you need? There are a number of
    things that are sins and if you continue in sin God will not help you. You
    must repent and must stop living for this world

  2. FreedomInChrist44 says:

    I also prayed that God would let me die if i have to live with anxiety but
    God hasn’t intervened , no divine intervention. I love Jesus with all my
    heart but he isn’t healing me , it isn’t something i am doing wrong but he
    just doesn’t heal me and i suffer daily .
    I want to live but i want to live anxiety free but this has been with me
    since i was aged 5 im now 50 , its about time i was healed but nothing as
    yet .

  3. Billmastergamin says:

    There are something’s a god cannot do, sometimes we need to learn to
    overcome it our selves.
    Meditate, and picture an image of a pebble, and put your fear and anxiety
    within, and put in your pocket. Then it’s nothing but a pebble, anyone can
    handle a pebble, soon you will forget, that it’s not there, and it will
    spend eternity within you pocket.

  4. Christian Stephens says:

    I had anxiety problems in the past God has healed me but I sometimes worry
    about it still this testimony has blessed me I need to learn to move on 

  5. pn558 says:

    Ryan- yes its true that the fear of death does feature prominently among
    sufferes. The surpassing peace of being reconciled with God provides
    immeasurable relief of this fear. But i can understand the
    resistance/injustice you feel or for that matter anyond feels if compelled
    to believe something by coercion rather than from a place of willingness. I
    therefore know God does not use this condition maliciously to demand
    submission though in desperate meoments one feels like He does. But that
    too is in my view part of the journey of surrender. Our ego abhors
    submission because our grandiose self wants/ desires ro be god like.
    Anyway i dont mean to preach to you and wish for your speedy recovery. No
    judgment intended.

  6. L. Timbs says:

    I am going to tell you my story of victory and healing. I started to have
    panic attacks shortly after I got saved. I would be standing in line at the
    store and then all of a sudden a feeling of fight or flight would come over
    me as if I was a kid getting caught stealing. Sheer panic would set in and
    there was no logical reason at all for it. This indeed freaked me out over
    & over until I finally decided to stay at home. This was totally opposite
    to my outgoing personally and I had just finished a book that I had written
    so this would no doubt hinder my marketing. I reached out, and cried to the
    Lord about this problem. I needed answers to this in a big way and fast!
    The Holy Spirit showed me the solution and this is it. Gods word is alive,
    and not just words on a page.You have to speak them out loud, and not just
    read them.This may seem strange, but this is how it works. God always
    confirms his word. When you speak them out loud they manifest in the spirit
    realm first, and then in the natural realm next. I started speaking: ‘ God
    has not given me the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.”
    I continued to speak this anytime I would feel the attack coming.Even when
    I was in a place where I couldn’t say it out loud, I would continue to
    speak it in my mind. ( God’s word never returns void, it always
    accomplishes its purpose) As I spoke it my faith grew, and one day it was
    finally gone! Amen! It was a spirit of fear (torment) and it becomes a
    stronghold ( mountain) in your life.Most people just give up when they
    don’t see instant results.The key is to not give up. When you keep speaking
    to your mountain whether its fear, or any other problem its like a wrecking
    ball and it chips away at your problem until its ultimately destroyed. I
    have used the precept on other conditions in my life. I’ve been healed of
    cancer, and recently a broken knee cap.Miracles do happen, but you have to
    do your part too.

  7. Kristin Gallo says:

    God does heal anxiety. You have to let go of anger.

  8. misfit777ify says:

    Whats the point of saying god helps you if you do the work? Its like a kid
    saying god helped me learn math by me deciding to do my homework even
    though god didnt help me with the home work 

  9. Enrico Scacchia says:

    impossible question…

  10. Ryan H says:

    Fear of death and fear of the unknown is what I feel keeps people trapped
    in religion. Anyway I don’t want to insult or knockback anyone’s faith or
    what they believe. If it works for them then it’s fine. I will never judge
    How can one get well from an anxiety disorder and the horrible symptoms?
    Would be thankful if you can give me some advice.

  11. Ryan H says:

    Jim your views are very confusing. You say that you are not a literalist
    and admit that the bible stories are allegorical. But then again you
    believe that adam/eve were real people who existed and that the Genesis
    story is a fact. Why is that?
    Science has proven that life originated in the water 4 billion years ago in
    the form of a cluster of cells that kept on dividing.

  12. Eliana D says:

    God is great. Thank you so much for this video. I can’t say it enough. We
    do have all the tools. The main one is the best. Pray. Seek him first. God
    is the only way. I realize the more I am in God’s presence, I suffer less
    with anxiety and worry. 

  13. Ryan H says:

    Jim as you say if god is a being of universal love why does he make people
    suffer? I see no meaning at all in suffering. And I don’t see the
    connection between suffering and salvation either. God to me sounds more of
    an emotional idea rather than common-sense thinking. I lost every bit of
    faith I had in religion & God many years ago when I saw human suffering &
    how some people were exploiting these sick people.
    What do you think about Australian eye surgeon and humanist Dr. Fred
    Hollows who spent his entire working life restoring the vision of poor
    people in the 3rd world? He was an atheist . If the religious message is
    true then Dr. Hollows will be in hell for not believing in God.
    Tell me Jim now what type of a God will condemn a humanist and a man of
    immense compassion such as Dr. Hollows to eternal damnation just because he
    refused to believe in God?

  14. Casual Philosopher says:

    Even Kierkegaard, a devout christian, said there was no escape from Fear
    and trembling/ anxiety in the life of a human being. 

  15. Ryan H says:

    Well Jim what drove you to become such a devout bible literalist? Tell me
    what drives you to take the bible literally ? I am surprised that you take
    the adam/eve tale literally as if it is a historical fact. I can’t think of
    any Christian theologian who takes any part of the bible literally let
    alone the adam/eve story.
    The future of Christianity will depend on how todays Christians view it.
    The Pat Robertson, Fred Phellps, Jerry Falwell and billy Graham brand of
    Christianity will never survive because its based on anti intellectualism
    and hate . The Christianity that will survive will be the one Albert
    Switzer (Hope I got his surname right) believed in and practised. He gave
    up all what he had , went to Africa, worked with the poor and sick and died
    Now he was a true Christian.
    Take care

  16. Ryan H says:

    Hi Jim how can I worship a God who had his son executed on a cross? I find
    that concept deplorable . 

  17. Ryan H says:

    Jim I used to be a Very devout Christian in my younger days. As I grew
    older I came to the realisation that all religions and Gods had their
    origins in mythology. We don’t make alters for Zeus, Diana, Astarte or
    Jupiter. They all died a slow death. We replaced them with Jehovah, allah
    and Krishna . How long will they last? I have suffered terrible anxiety
    symptoms for many years and no god helped me. The help that I got came from
    an Australian lady who told me to meditate daily for calmness. She in turn
    learned it from a Buddhist monk from the Himalayas.

  18. Ryan H says:

    To Jim Folk I say this. While calling yourself a Christian your website
    anxietycentre charges money to teach people how to cure themselves. One
    needs to pay by credit card in order to log on to the members area to learn
    how to cure yourself of anxiety. why not make it free so that everyone who
    suffers anxiety can learn to cure themselves? Los of people who suffer
    anxiety disorders are unemployed and don’t have money to pay you. If you
    are such a good Christian why not provide this humanitarian service free
    for everyone?

  19. Ryan H says:

    Jim when you say non biblical sources I am sure you mean the letter written
    by Josephus right? Well you should know very well that this document has
    been proven to be a lie . There is not even 1 bit of evidence to suggest
    that Jesus existed. Bible or for that matter any Holy book are books of
    faith and not books of Historical facts. I have never met any educated
    Christian who thinks that the Genesis story is real , That Moses divided
    the red sea or that Jesus had a virgin birth . This is exactly how people
    of ancient times tried to understand life and the universe . They used
    mythology to make their point. How unfortunate that people in these times
    have taken them literally.
    I used to be a man who walked with a bible in my pocket. I believed that it
    was the word of God. I can now honestly say that he is a tribal God who
    dished out terrible punishments to people even ordering Moses to dash the
    heads of the Amalekite children on rocks. Jesus then tells us that we must
    believe in his father , when we know that his father was not a kind person
    either. And Jesus then says that those who refuse to follow him will perish.
    Redeeming myself from all these violent Gods and undemocratic prophets and
    saviours is the best thing that happened to me.
    Atheism/Humanism transformed me in to a better person . But I respect your
    right to be a Christian . That’s your journey and I wish you well. Regards

  20. AceLockCo says:

    @anxietycentre – Sorry your make believe science does not hold water with
    me. You are making statements and pushing them off as fact, but they are
    not even close they are just your opinions. Science NEVER has shown
    evidence that god exists. If you really understood science, you would
    understand that the burden of proof is on you, not me. You have to prove
    something exists, not that it doesn’t.

  21. anxietycentre says:

    God does nothing on a whim. He is extremely patient and diligent. I think
    it’s interesting that mere people think they know better than God. Humans
    can’t even cure the common cold or eliminate world poverty, never mind
    create and sustain the universe moment to moment.

  22. ThePsydome says:

    @anxietycentre Again, I ask you to actually look at the real evidence and
    what the scientific community is saying. 1) energy is eternal and can’t be
    created or destroyed. 2) The big bang was not a beginning but a change of
    state. The input energy was equal to the output as with any thermodynamic
    sequence. And the total energy of the universe is a constant 0. again,
    actually look at the real evidence and data before forming a belief system
    and pushing it on vulnerable people.

  23. ThePsydome says:

    Also, you commit intellectual suicide by pretending that god will heal your
    anxiety when he himself put it there to begin with. why would god be so
    fickle? You dismiss new age beliefs, but your own beliefs are just as wishy
    washy and wishful thinking.

  24. anxietycentre says:

    Since this isn’t heaven yet, God is not obligated to heal people. Even
    Jesus didn’t heal everyone when He walked the earth. People who believe God
    should heal them are mistaken. But God can and does, but that’s the
    exception and not the rule. Jesus set the example of how people should pray
    when He said, “Father, not my will, but thy will be done.” We can ask, but
    it is up to God what He does. Faithful Christians should be accepting of

  25. ThePsydome says:

    @anxietycentre Actually they are not generalizations. In 1996 the peer
    reviewed and respected scientific journal “Nature” repeated a poll of the
    American National academy of science done in 1916. In that poll they found
    that on 79% where atheistic and the rest being mostly agnostic with some
    pantheists and deists. The largest percentage of believers was found among
    mathematicians (a field that is not objectively orientated) at 15% and the
    lowest being in biology at 7%. That was in 1996. -CONT

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