Anxiety Treatment – Dr Linden Explains The Linden Method [Linden Method Review]

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3 Responses to “Anxiety Treatment – Dr Linden Explains The Linden Method [Linden Method Review]”

  1. Louise casey says:

    Linden rips off vulnerable people, if he had a heart at all he would offer
    his so called wonder info for free!!

  2. sherylee golds says:

    this video is bollocks!! wow so blatently rehearsed charles youl have to do
    better then that! maybe try getting some decent actors! any true anxiety
    ocd sufferer who really experienced this debiltating illness would not sell
    the ‘cure’ also your method is on pirate bay! haha! you should be ashamed
    just like this cunt in the video praying on menatly ill people to make
    money! discusting!

  3. rom3636 says:

    Yeah this isn’t a set up at all , dont waste your money on the linden
    method it wont tell you anything you cant research for free , it is a rip
    off , if charles linden really suffered from anxiety and knew about the
    misery it can cause then he would not be trying to profit from it , like i
    say dint waste your time or more importantly your money with the linden

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