Arctic wolf/malamute hybrid having an anxiety attack

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Tala was in heat and at the vet and this is the prelude to a hour long anxiety attack.

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25 Responses to “Arctic wolf/malamute hybrid having an anxiety attack”

  1. ImPuL531 says:

    Thats a malamute

  2. AFSOCbum says:

    I love that dead on look and tongue hanging out lol

  3. dom34bece says:

    such a GORGEOUS animal!!!! she’s really pretty! I loved it when she howled!

  4. littleblackwolf3 says:

    beautiful animal ^.^

  5. 7466309change says:

    I could tell mine was a wolf mix by they actions.Night time was her best.Dens she had secluded.Freafull of all city life.we lived in a country which she adapted well.a acher land to run pluss we grew her vwith other dogs.Was a terrific dog protected me.

  6. blacknaruto221 says:

    i miss mine i had two

  7. tabbi20kat says:


    Thanks! He is a handsome devil;)

  8. CearyAuryn says:

    Your title is very accurate and helpful cuz I was searching for a video of this kinda dog cuz they are adorable 😀

    I love his face at @0:15 … XD

  9. AcaiBunch says:

    One does not have to have a “federal licenses” to own a wolf or wolfdog in every state. Some states have changed wolf status to Canis Lupus Domesticus. Meaning they are considered dogs. In which case it is legal to own, breed and sell them without papers

    If you ever want another one… I know where you can get them. :-D.

  10. AcaiBunch says:

    Beautiful! And I might add, for the ignorant naysayer…

    Just because a wolf/dog mix does not look like a wolf does not mean they are not one. We raise wolf and wolf/dog puppies for sale and they can have varying looks, temperaments and colors, in the same litter. Some can look just like a wolf and act like a dog, where the reverse is also true. Pardon my crude use of language, but breeding wolves and dogs is sort of a “crap shoot”. You never know what you are going to get! 🙂

  11. Shani4111 says:

    gosh that tounge… it scares me. O.o

  12. oodnac says:

    This animal does appear to have some Wolf content. I have a Malamute/Grey Wolf cross, and can see some of the same features in this animal. The set of its eyes are very much Grey Wolf, as well as its facial expression. In Canada, where we have the 2nd highest population of Wolfs in the world, this cross is quite common; and legal. Alaska has a bunch too. Its interesting that an Anxiety attack is mentioned. My buddy cries when I leave him alone even for a short time. They are pack animals.

  13. SHvar says:

    @wolfdogfostermom Yes, in fact the wooley coat malamute/husky is a genetic flaw, these dogs cannot groom themselves properly for the purpose they were bred for. These woolies are very popular now, in fact I specifically asked those who I contacted before getting my mal if any of the parents or offspring were woolies, I had no interest in them.

  14. SHvar says:

    No, you are the idiot for ego tripping that you have a wolfdog, be proud of your wooley Malamute, such a beautiful dog. By the way only an idiot would would argue a typo (missing the “c” and typing a “v”)in a discussion because they know they are wrong on all points of the subject, accept the truth.

  15. wolfdogfostermom says:

    @TATTEDPUNK And so it was spelled wrong. Accidents happen.

  16. wolfdogfostermom says:

    @TATTEDPUNK,And so it was spelled wrong. Accidents happen.

  17. wolfdogfostermom says:

    Actually there is- it is called a “Wooly” coat. Both siberians and malamutes can come in wooly coats- which is what this animal has here. Not your standard Mal coat.

  18. TATTEDPUNK says:

    @SHvar There is no such thing as a THIVKER coated alaskan malamute. You are an IDIOT!

  19. TATTEDPUNK says:

    @SHvar There is no such thing as a THIVKER coated alaskan malamute. You are an IDIOT!

  20. TATTEDPUNK says:

    @SHvar There is no such thing as a THIVKER coated alaskan malamute. You are an IDIOT!

  21. tabbi20kat says:



  22. SHvar says:

    @tabbi20kat The fact is that you posted your video of a malamute on a public website, you called it something it isnt, I called your lie. Why not stroke your ego on something other than a dog that just wants to be loved as a dog. Theres a difference, I posted fact, NOT OPINION, you are entitled to an opinion, Im entitled to call your lie.

  23. tabbi20kat says:


    i don’t post videos of my dogs to argue about them. i post them to share with my family and friends because we love these dogs with all of our hearts. the fact is he is a low content wolf hybrid and you are entitled to your opinion. have a great day.

  24. SHvar says:

    @tabbi20kat I stand by my comment, the fact is that nothing about that wooly malamute says wolf or wolfdog. Why cany people be proud of having just a dog? Then again you may not know any better and fell for the lies told to you by the breeder. So did they show you a federal license they needed to have a wolf? If not you were lied to.

  25. tabbi20kat says:


    Were you there when we picked him up from the breeders? No. Did you see the dam and sir? No. You obviously don’t know anything about phenotyping either. Does he have malamute in him? Yes. There are other members of his litter than are more wolfy looking than him. Thanks for the pleasant comment:)

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