Atmosphere – Panic Attack

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Studio album by: Atmosphere Album: You Can’t Immagine How Much Fun We’re Having Released: October 4, 2005 Recorded: 2005 Genre: Hip hop Label: Rhymesayers En…

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18 Responses to “Atmosphere – Panic Attack”

  1. chris heid says:

    An amazing song atmosphere should be way bigger but I am glad that not a
    lot of people know them it feels more personal love life!

  2. NothingButJo says:

    I read the lyrics of this song before hearing it.
    With such good lyrics I was expecting the vocals to be so much more
    powerful and effective , meeh :/ 

  3. petera1973 says:

    love these guys

  4. Bernard Hemmingson says:

    so whatchu drinkin’? so whatchu poppin’? so whatchu eatin’? so whatchu
    droppin’? so whatchu smokin’? so whatchu sniffin’? so how you copin’? SO

  5. Paul Thompson says:

    Do you call yourself a patient or a junkie? The only thing that separates
    is who takes your money

  6. djhdk says:

    the song for my day!!!

  7. Cryogenics12 says:

    I can relate to this song so much it’s not even funny, especially at this
    point in my life. It’s a badass song as it is, but this song found me.

  8. CarboKill says:

    Yeeaaahh son.

  9. NeATaNDtURdy says:

    this song reminds me not to trip out when high

  10. Rick V says:

    are you retarded?

  11. jaydubmusicman says:


  12. hug6trees says:

    IS THAT BILL COSBY IN THE BEGINNING?! <3 this is why i love atmosphere

  13. pr0duct22 says:

    @probablecausept dude thats fucking awsome good way to put that

  14. Lamar Crookston says:

    good song

  15. jorowhi1 says:

    I like how you said “these guys”. Too many people mistake Atmosphere as
    just Slug.

  16. Maxx Mattison says:

    WATCH THIS /watch?v=kCmrP4DHEUE

  17. babaganoosh5000 says:

    where is that beat sampled from, it’s driving me nuts…i know it

  18. Jorge Briseno says:

    @babaganoosh5000 (Don’t Want No) Woman by Lee Michaels

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