Barely Blind – “Panic Attacks Are Normal” Official Music Video

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Barely Blind’s music video for the song “Panic Attacks Are Normal” off their self-released album, “My Life With a Giant,” available on iTunes now!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Barely Blind – “Panic Attacks Are Normal” Official Music Video”

  1. CradleToCoffin says:

    saw it on lockerz … niceeeeeeee

  2. artbarron2 says:

    this song has a beat that makes me happy and im only 17

  3. Tacokilla says:

    i buyed the cd at warped tour one of the best cds i have

  4. Ramzi Doudar says:

    @madzerinho Normally I would care, but your opinion isn’t even valid seeing
    you can’t spell “shit” correctly.

  5. Shannon Lawn says:

    love them, i have their signed EP 🙂

  6. thebeast1105 says:

    amazing band i cant wait to play the show with them this thursday

  7. damnationdefied777 says:

    the singer has a glass jaw

  8. jasmine juarez says:

    Love these guys!

  9. PrisciLumy says:

    follow us! @barelyblindbr the brazilian fan club!

  10. Kennedy Cody says:

    damn you guys are amazing, I’m gonna see you at the warehouse!

  11. Caitlin Eaves says:

    wow, there are so many old friends in this video. congratulations guys, the
    video is great. if you ever wanna play a gig in austin, we have huge shows
    a couple times a month. caitlin e.

  12. xxaskmexx says:

    Love it!

  13. madzerinho says:

    I’d rather have a panic attack than listen 2 this! PURE SHITE!

  14. LaughinChocolate says:

    i saw them yesterday at warped tour, and damn! i love teh faces their
    drummer makes when he plays 😀

  15. Lee Akiyama says:

    nice ^^ love it

  16. jacobxholmes says:

    anyone remember their very first cd? from the skatepark days when they
    wern’t even famous? yea, i used to watch these guys play before they ever
    got famous at bridge city skatepark, in texas.

  17. Janaye Carlos says:

    wow….this was filmed right in my neighborhood! lol

  18. Bobbie07 says:

    i seriously cannot get enough of this video.. i just ordered the cd!!

  19. Jabidira1 says:

    This songs about my sister and I know Brad an Will

  20. braxton sloan says:

    to say the least, i am impressed

  21. WatchSpontaneo says:

    Love the video dudes! keep up the hard work!

  22. chipdandy says:


  23. Leah Heilmann says:

    they’re from my town(:

  24. TheSassyYank says:

    This is very nice, loved it. CJx

  25. LostInPacificTime says:

    Love the video! And the song is nice too! You guys rock!

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