Bed Time Stories- Sleep Panic Disorder

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (21)

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21 Responses to “Bed Time Stories- Sleep Panic Disorder”

  1. Jill Schnorr says:


  2. Urloveismine23 says:

    @sweetlouis123456 now why would tht girl go out with a guy who screams in
    his sleep?! Wonder what tht would feel like… O_o

  3. guerita3138 says:

    lmfao…thats fckn hilarious dude

  4. lemonhead2009 says:


  5. Rezky aditya says:

    wherever that russell brand’s on it i LOLed

  6. Skylar K says:

    rofllllmfaoo .

  7. Ulysses Lendor says:

    @seizetheday224 could’nt have said it better myself.

  8. melsy187 says:

    Rofllmfao funny guy. xD

  9. Gavin Henderson says:

    My Reaction to Lord of the Rings

  10. Jessica Busuttil says:

    Haha !! Russel Brand cracks me up in this movie !!

  11. Dan Legg says:

    @xmaddie01661 He probably shagged her after the filming though XD

  12. 12bZero says:

    I didn’t even realize he fell asleep at this part until he screamed.

  13. origingiratina says:


  14. ExtremeFaithInJesus says:


  15. Gabochavez4 says:

    IT had to be Chris Rock…

  16. Umesh Bhandari says:

    Hey there! Have you heard about – Supreme Panic Magic (do a search on
    google)? Ive heard some super things about it and my sister at last kissed
    good bye the panic breakdowns with it.

  17. xmaddie01661 says:

    I love how the blonde girl looks at him like ‘O_O WTF?’. x’D

  18. amy o says:

    @MrJellyBabiez they dated for a couple of months

  19. notashamed881995 says:

    ha ha i love him!!!!!!!!

  20. seizetheday224 says:

    this is the FUNNIEST part of the whole movie!!! i love this dude!

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