Bert Heerink – Panic Attack

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the official videoclip of the brand new single “Panic Attack” preformed by Bert Heerink, the voice of Vandenberg.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to “Bert Heerink – Panic Attack”

  1. Joy Andis says:

    youtube is blowing up!!it was supposed to say WONDERFUL composition from
    Russ !! gah, puters are demons in disguise!!!

  2. Joy Andis says:

    whoo hoo.I have this sc coming tome in the mail and this makes me happy:)

  3. Jürgen König-Maatje says:

    Ja… ex Vandenberg ex Mad Max ( die Band von Michael Voss, der hat den
    Song produziert…..

  4. Aya Hilde says:

    久しぶりに見るBertの歌う姿 KAYAKのDVD以来かな 本当にこの人は年齢を重ねれば重ねるほど歌がうまくなって 表現力が増していくて。 I
    watched him singing for a long time. I guess it is from Kayak’s DVD. I
    think Bert’s songs become better and better. His voice become better still
    now. His voice touch my heart

  5. Aya Hilde says:

    菱しぶりに見るBertの歌う姿 やっぱソロはのびのびしてていい Net op tijt 以来かな
    この人は年を重ねれば重ねるほどうまく、そして表現力が増していく ソロで歌いたい歌歌ってほしい

  6. Mike Kempf says:

    Toller Song! Tolle Aufnahmen! Bitte mehr davon! *****Sterne

  7. Joy Andis says:

    for Lyra x

  8. Joy Andis says:

    soooo glad that this song is doing so well..and if it weren’t for the
    wonderful manwho wrote the song….I wouldn’t know about THESE guys. Well
    done everyone:)

  9. angelswings71 says:


  10. Joy Andis says:

    wonder composition from Russ Ballard…yah!

  11. Willy Kaspers says:

    Yes that’s Good Old Jos!!

  12. NickCobra says:

    Love Berts voice! Always have. But honestly….his voice is much better
    suited to softer more melodic music. Dare I say this music is a bit of a
    waste of his talent? Not a bad song…I just prefer to hear his great voice
    on something softer and more melodic. Cheers Bert! You are still the man.

  13. jsb779 says:

    Is that Jos Zoomer on drums? Hel goed!

  14. zandra070 says:

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