Binaural Beats – Stop Panic Attacks – Brainwave Entrainment

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9 Responses to “Binaural Beats – Stop Panic Attacks – Brainwave Entrainment”

  1. stonedsour2097 says:

    the beginning of this gives me anxiety…

  2. Amelia Vilar says:

    I’ve heard great things about something called 7 minutes to serenity. Users
    say the program teaches how to get rid of panic attact as soon as it starts
    and once you get the hang of it, the panic and anxiety is gone forever.
    Google it if you’re interested

  3. Helena Hogan says:

    This is not good

  4. psychoticbenevolence says:

    will need a longer version but the big sounds helped take me out of my
    immediate surroundings

  5. JK Daley says:

    This thing works!

  6. Duhya says:


  7. Lucia Reverte says:

    Followme in to what that is scarry i whas having a bad time an leasing to
    this was not maikingit better the subliminal voices are not pleasent at all

  8. L.S. Moodie says:

    I don’t understand why you would put such distressing “music” on this
    video. For a person experiencing a panic attack, audio like this will only
    heighten that experience! Please re-record with a calming background,
    certainly not sounds of thunder! I wouldn’t trust what you have to say
    subliminally if you could use this music.

  9. Vic M says:

    My God!!! Is this a joke>? The last think someone having a panic attack
    needs to hear is thunder.When you are having a panic attack the slightest
    thing will make it worse. I don’t think the person who made this has ever
    had panic attacks.

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