Bipolar II W/ Anxiety Attack

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Having a anxiety attack with a Bipolar II episode

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4 Responses to “Bipolar II W/ Anxiety Attack”

  1. PhiberOptics says:

    Medication helps you as much as it maybe damaging your insides its better to be on medication then the have thoses feelings my doctor says people with bipolar just need stuff to keep them busy and keep there mind on something other then always thinking about what tomorrow will bring. I was off my medication for about 2 weeks after that happen i couldn’t stand anymore i was losing it so i went to my family doctor and got back on some stuff thats working for me.

  2. StomperReed says:

    Yup no prob

  3. SallySLC1976 says:

    @StomperReed Thank you for your support, it is very helpfiul

  4. StomperReed says:

    I feel ya panic disorder sucks! advice is if your that anxious about the 4th don’t go. There’s plenty other days in the year to hang with family. Do what’s best for you mean I’m gonna be alone my moms in jail due to her bipolar mania I’m trying to get her out she’s a great woman mania is just an illness bipolar that is. Hang in there subscribe to me I’m working on a mental health documentary you might fond it interesting well take care.peace and love from stomper

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