Bipolar w/ Panic Disorder working with new clinic

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This is an update from my last video/vlog or whatever people call this. I’m having better luck with a new MH clinic than I expected…and I’m barely on meds …
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5 Responses to “Bipolar w/ Panic Disorder working with new clinic”

  1. Darius Kaziukevičius says:

    Hey there! Have you heard about – Supreme Panic Magic (probably on Google)?
    Ive heard some amazing things about it and my m8 at last eradicated the
    panic problem with it.

  2. Darius Kaziukevičius says:

    Oh hai! Have you tried – Supreme Panic Magic (probably on Google)? Ive
    heard some interesting things about it and my mate finally said good bye
    the panic problem with it.

  3. PugBuddyDuck says:

    @gambini735 thanks for the encouragement…I still have a hard enough time
    holding it together in public under stress that now I’m worrying about
    that…but it’s better than where I was months ago so it doesn’t bother me
    as much as I thought it would. I’m just taking my time whenever I can so as
    not to push myself into the mania alot.

  4. soymiguelalejandro23 says:

    Great papa and good for you. I have had to change psychs several times and
    sometimes it is what you have to do. Yes you were on some serious stuff –
    too much oh my God. Sounds like he was trying to kill you. Wow. Thank
    goodness you are okay and you are still functional and not brain fried.
    Counseling is so good for you and you are on a good path! Proud of you pa!
    Just keep going…u can do it! Also, yes you can get that new job just like
    I am back in College and passing. Good job!

  5. PugBuddyDuck says:

    @miguel yeah, I don’t know what was wrong with my long time psychologist at
    the last clinic but I’m convinced that HE was the one that was crazy. When
    I started hallucinating, I let the clinic know right away & I went into the
    mental hospital. The staff at the mental hospital was amazed at the plan I
    was on, then when I got back to the clinic…they got rid of him and they
    said he had been overmedicating MOST of his patients. Don’t know why he
    would risk his job. Thanks for the encouragement.

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