Bosco has a panic attack

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Sully and Bosco are trying to catch up to a robber and Bosco ends up having a panic attack from the aftermath of 9/11. Faith arrives.
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25 Responses to “Bosco has a panic attack”

  1. Bradon vu says:


  2. Tina M. Workman says:

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    organic technique, eliminate root cause of your situation

  3. Kayla Marie says:

    All these years later and NBC still refuses to release the rest of this

  4. smart422 says:

    that robber was lucky bc he almost would have gone jail. bosco was about to
    arrest him.

  5. RingoRocksXx says:

    Panic attacks are horrible. Feels like your life and breath is being
    squeezed out of you, I was panicking and ended up screaming, curled up in
    a ball. Jason Wiles did a great job of performing, was exactly like it
    sounded to me, I doubt anyone could do it better!!!

  6. bud morse says:

    I get them all the time it keep me out arm forces. They suck it feels like
    you are dyeing sometime you wish you do.

  7. BoscoFaith says:

    @pochidomil No he isn´t…he´s an actor 😉 Plz don´t fight – stay calm 😉

  8. Joshua Hannah says:

    @DannyBrooks14 Red dye

  9. mommysbabigurl6 says:

    i lov third watch

  10. BoscoFaith says:

    @AlexWynand You know much about police work,do you?Imagine to be in a
    situation like this. If you are clear in mind u wouldn´t shoot in a
    sitiuation like this.As long as the perp don´t take aim at you, u woulnd´t
    shoot him.Cuz, really take the gun and aim on a human is hard for every
    cop.I had to do it one time in my life and I remember nothing – I was in
    shock. My partner told me afterwards what happened.I was confused but ready
    to shoot him,cuz he tried to shoot my partner.

  11. jon johnson says:

    bosco is a gud guy

  12. pafpaf39 says:

    it’s the episode 3X16

  13. That's So Mander says:

    fucking fsdfasdf I miss this show soooo much 🙁

  14. weeedster says:

    @CyanoticFuture alright, granted, i went in over my head on the heart
    attack statement. my bad. i didn’t mean to come off like a know-it-all.
    i’ve been dealing with panic attacks for five years. some of them get
    really bad. and this to me looks like a severe panic attack.

  15. olesja19 says:

    I want to hug him he is so sweet

  16. DiazRemington says:

    This is something new I am trying for Panic Attacks, Listen now, it will
    help you Heal – ** badanxiety . info

  17. Yakadoshi says:

    COme to think of it , i cant think of any other drama of the emergency
    services and law enforcement of NYC. Can You?

  18. 5410driver says:

    omg i know how the hell he was feeling . if this was scripted man they did
    it to a tee i had tears in my eyes been their , shit is not funny , those
    whome laugh at this sorta stuff , id love to give them a ride on the hell
    train we ride with every attack , they would sure as hell not laugh anymore

  19. CyanoticFuture says:

    @weeedster Andwhat do you mean if he was having a heart attack,he wouldnt
    be saying anythingat all?Not everyone that has a heart attack is
    unresponsive,in fact,most are awake.Ijust took a lady that had a full blown
    MI and total blockagein nearly every one of her coronary arteries and she
    was as alert as you or I am,just like Ive takenpeople with full blown
    strokes even they they had nosigns of it all and only complained of
    dizziness.Not every displays textbook symptoms of diseases.

  20. Julio Santana says:

    i just finished seeing the last episode and im thinking why in the hell is
    this show was fuckin awesome on soo many levels the fact that i
    can still watch it to this day should prove that

  21. murderxmisery says:

    bosco was always my favorite, and seeing him panic like that kinda brings
    me to tears

  22. BoscoFaith says:

    @HUSKY57887 Thats of course a big problem. All cops are newbies on their
    1st day/month/years.I had a partner like him,before I got a better one.I
    had known that he would never held my back.And I was glad to get another
    one.I just think you should give everyone a second chance before adjudge
    him.I wasn´t the best cop in my early years too,but I was always ready to
    die for my partner.The truth?I´m not sure if I would have done that for my
    first partner.Cuz I knew – he wouldn´t. :/

  23. BoscoFaith says:

    @HUSKY57887 he was a newbie and nobody wanted him as a partner. How would
    you feel or react?

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