Bosco has a panic attack

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Sully and Bosco are trying to catch up to a robber and Bosco ends up having a panic attack from the aftermath of 9/11. Faith arrives.
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25 Responses to “Bosco has a panic attack”

  1. DannyBrooks14 says:

    wat blow up in his face when he was chanign the thef

  2. chroniclesofeugene says:

    Why’d this show ever have to end. 🙁

  3. pafpaf39 says:

    it’s the episode 3X16

  4. murderxmisery says:

    bosco was always my favorite, and seeing him panic like that kinda brings me to tears

  5. 5410driver says:

    omg i know how the hell he was feeling . if this was scripted man they did it to a tee i had tears in my eyes been their , shit is not funny , those whome laugh at this sorta stuff , id love to give them a ride on the hell train we ride with every attack , they would sure as hell not laugh anymore

  6. djflames24 says:

    @Deicer me too… that is the best show i’ve ever watched…

  7. dragonfly1324 says:

    What ep is this?

  8. BoscoFaith says:

    @RickySouthwell Here you need a good grade. Of course. And you need it for passing the test. On duty? You don´t really need it…just a bit. 😉

  9. RickySouthwell says:

    @BoscoFaith well i live in canada so here it might be different, i dont understand why you need a good grade in math to be a street cop, do you have to do math while your on duty or something?

  10. BoscoFaith says:

    @RickySouthwell hey Ricky!First,I didn´t judged all rookies. I had a newbie on the squad myself.I said, it´s ok to be a newbie but there´s a diffrence between being a young cop and stand 4 your partner or leave your partner alone. It´s ok to be new,but some people may pass the police test,but never will be a good cop.Plz go and pass police school and tell me again what you think about it.(btw: math,ok you shouldn´t have a bad schoolgrade-but we never had math in the police school:)

  11. RickySouthwell says:

    @BoscoFaith you shouldnt judge all rookies, i wanna be a police officer and i wouldnt leave my partner even if it was my first day on the job cus i am a very loyal and caring person, it is in my blood to be that way 🙂 i would never stab any one in the back for any reason but i dont know if i will become a police officer cus i really really really suck at math

  12. Heavenclan says:

    i wanna see this ep so much, would anyone mind telling me which one it is?

  13. BoscoFaith says:

    @HUSKY57887 Thats of course a big problem. All cops are newbies on their 1st day/month/years.I had a partner like him,before I got a better one.I had known that he would never held my back.And I was glad to get another one.I just think you should give everyone a second chance before adjudge him.I wasn´t the best cop in my early years too,but I was always ready to die for my partner.The truth?I´m not sure if I would have done that for my first partner.Cuz I knew – he wouldn´t. :/

  14. HUSKY57887 says:

    @BoscoFaith I would want someone who would watch my back,as partners are suposed to do. Would YOU want him as a partner;I would’nt.

  15. BoscoFaith says:

    @crystalxheart009 I can´t explain that to you why THIS bag did exlode. Maybe, cuz it´s just a show 😉
    I can only tell you that our bags explode when we leave them loose. They started to peep and u just had one thing in ur mind….run…run….run away from it. Cuz it may makes your lungs sick when breathing the explosion-gas.

  16. BoscoFaith says:

    @AlexWynand You know much about police work,do you?Imagine to be in a situation like this. If you are clear in mind u wouldn´t shoot in a sitiuation like this.As long as the perp don´t take aim at you, u woulnd´t shoot him.Cuz, really take the gun and aim on a human is hard for every cop.I had to do it one time in my life and I remember nothing – I was in shock. My partner told me afterwards what happened.I was confused but ready to shoot him,cuz he tried to shoot my partner.

  17. BoscoFaith says:

    @pochidomil No he isn´t…he´s an actor 😉 Plz don´t fight – stay calm 😉

  18. BoscoFaith says:

    @venturafor2012 Hey there, I worked here on my second job on a money transporter. Our die bag color was red too. Maybe it changes from country to country.

  19. BoscoFaith says:

    @cory640 Yeah…ma fantasies were like ur´s but the bad thing is…thats not the truth. Look behind the scenes and be shocked…nobody will ever believe what really happens at policestations ;(

  20. BoscoFaith says:

    @HUSKY57887 he was a newbie and nobody wanted him as a partner. How would you feel or react?

  21. BoscoFaith says:

    @Angerfist2 me too…

  22. 88jugo says:

    i love bosco soo much… i just want to give him a big hug, especially in this scene 🙂

  23. Angerfist2 says:

    I cried

  24. bisciboy says:

    poor bosco, ya he’s got a bit of an attitude but he’s a good cop. Id freak too if I were him.

  25. theorangutans says:

    so do I

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