Brian Vertigo / Panic Anxiety Attack , from TMJ affecting my inner ear read description

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Have had vertigo now for 5 years every day and from isolation and always being dizzy it has affected me mentally giving me a panic disorder and OCD , trying to battle it the best i can but the dr’s havn’t been able to help me much , it feels like I am on a boat or walking on a trampoline some days are better then others and over all its better then it was 5 years ago but still strong enough to really high jack my life just putting this video out to connect with other people suffering from this terrible balance problem that can drive anyone crazy. I feel great while driving or in motion i feel wonderful I can ride a bike or motorcycle drive a car no issue its like it helps me know where i am in space but , trying to walk through a busy store or a mall is impossible it feels like the ground is moving and I get so light headed and dizzy I can’t stand it and i start to panic. We have discoverd that i have a problem with my bite and the dr’s are using stem cells to correct it and hopefully fix my TMJ my jaw is very sore from my bite being off alignment and they think that may be most of my problem if not the entire problem affecting my inner ear so I would like to share with others if anyone else has this please send me a message or comment
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6 Responses to “Brian Vertigo / Panic Anxiety Attack , from TMJ affecting my inner ear read description”

  1. FightingVertigo says:

    just wanted to post an update , I went to see a new ENT and he believes with no doubt its because of my jaw and TMJ he thinks it is a combination of my bite being off and my anxiety together making my TMJ worse , my bite is really bad I should do a video on that the dentist is in the process of correcting it and I’m trying to eat foods that dont hurt it and relax as much as I can never give up there is hope I feel better when my jaw is relaxed and when i keep the stress down

  2. FightingVertigo says:

    @gotkube yes, I actually dont feel like I am spinning ether its more of a boat sensation or like i am on a elevator or trampoline , recent update a new dr believes it is because of my bite for sure he has no doubt its the TMJ causing it

  3. gotkube says:

    This sounds very familiar. Been fighting ‘lightheadedness’ for about 5 years now. Sometimes it’s tolerable, sometimes it’s really noticeable. Feeling like I’m on a boat (sea legs) is a perfect way of describing it. It’s never bad enough that I feel like the room is spinning, but I always feel like I “drift” when I walk. I’ve been dealing with chronic stress & anxiety, and it was thought that my lightheadedness was because of that. Lately I’ve been dealing with numbness in my face too. TMJ? Hmm.

  4. travisbickelll says:

    I used to get really bad vertigo, where I had to lie on the floor and throw up 3-6 hours a day. After studying alternative medicine, I realized I had mercury poisoning from my fillings. I went to a holistic dentist and he replaced the silver (mercury) with white composites. I haven’t had an attack in years. Also, take a large dose of vitamin C the next time you get dizzy, it will stop the attack.

  5. jmbm242 says:


  6. graveplott47 says:

    shit bro im exactly like that ill be cool and all of a sudden boom i get dizzy and try to panic and my ears always make weird noises especially when i lay down or talkin on the phone my ear make a crackling noise and a vibration nose aw man its horrible and my left side of jaw pops loudly im hoping i can fix it i cant work b-cuz of it its always hurting and the dizziness makes it worser

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