Can I stop panic attacks?? Twitter Thursday!! #KatiFAQ with Kati Morton

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Twitter Thursday 1. #katifaq what do you think about friends with benefits. is it unhealthy? 2. Is there any way to prevent a panic attack happening if you c…
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25 Responses to “Can I stop panic attacks?? Twitter Thursday!! #KatiFAQ with Kati Morton”

  1. Kati Morton says:

    What do you do to stop your panic attacks?? New video is up! xox

  2. Katie C says:

    This really had me tearing up Kati. I lost my mother to suicide and it’s
    been a very big struggle for me since. I’m constantly debating it myself. I
    have to be honest with you, If i had not come across your channel a couple
    years ago I don’t think I would be alive today. You’ve given me hope,
    inspiration and a future. You talked about working towards becoming a “new
    you” in the journal topic, mine is to become a therapist just like you. I
    would love to someday make a difference in someones life the way you have
    in mine. I owe you my life Kati, I really do. Most days your daily Q&A’s
    are the only thing that puts a smile on my face. I know i’m writing a lot,
    I just hope you know how much your appreciated for all the hard work you do
    for this community. I’m possibly visiting LA in September for a concert, I
    would love to meet you then and tell you this in person. I know this is
    farfetched but I could wish 🙂 I hope you enjoy this upcoming weekend! Take
    care xx

  3. TashaLysette says:

    in all honestly though, someone thinking about killing themselves has more
    than likely considered the impacts for the people around them, and that may
    have even made them put it off for a while. but the pain etc they feel
    might just outweigh that and they may feel that they would be hurting their
    family/friends more if they stayed alive; if someone dies you mourn them
    then move on, but if they are alive then they continue to be a burden (so
    the suicidal person may feel). 

  4. Arielle Bair says:

    Also so strange that you mentioned a Phoenix because I wrote a blog post on
    my widow blog the other night about how I choose to be a Phoenix and rise
    from the ashes to begin again. :-)

  5. Elliepixie12 says:

    Kati I want to send you a big hug xoxo I agree with every word you said
    about suicide I was nodding my head. The crazy thing is yesterday my 6 yr
    old nieces friends mum just died of cardiac arrest cause of slimming pills
    and such and my niece who I adore asked her mum so many painful questions.
    And it made me realise as some who has tried to take their own life that
    others left here would feel so so much pain and how I was not in my right
    mind. I could not do that to my niece or my family again. Yesterday I was
    almost in tears. I’m not saying I was selfish but there are other ways. I
    think my eyes are clearer. You know ? Thanks kati. Xoxo 

  6. Amy Lou says:

    Wow. I have so many thoughts in response to this video, that i hardly know
    where to start.
    Friends with benefits: there is such a deep connection, both physically and
    emotionally, that its difficult, if not impossible, to ignore. Nice theory
    i guess, but do people really just need to have sex so desperately? I’m old
    school but i say, wait for the right person.
    As for the question on suicide. First, thanks Kati for expanding on your
    previous video. And for being so honest with your own emotions. Losing
    someone we care about is shit. Full stop. Nether suicide or natural causes,
    expected or out of the blue. Suicide is such a highly charged topic….i
    have been on both sides, as my sissie and i both struggle with severe
    depression, and have both been close to suicide at numerous points. 

  7. quazy modo says:

    i found this hit the spot thanks kati i understand better now and i feel
    that you are passionate about helping people and im sure you have had
    people in your life close comit suicide it makes me angry too,grief sucks
    ,panic attack= acceptance of thoughts and feeling mindful exercise they
    really help and def no booze and i have really cut down on coffee(weaning
    off it )and sometimes just doing one thing at a time step by step.

  8. Arielle Bair says:

    Kati, thank you for the video – Brianna shared it with me. I wanted to let
    you & anyone else know that I am taking good care of myself. I have hospice
    experience, am a mental health professional, and have talked people down
    from suicide myself. This is new territory for me because it was my
    husband, it was suicide, and now I’m a widow at 29. My life is dramatically
    different. Part of my self care is not making videos right now, but I’m
    supported and I’m okay. 

  9. TheCharlieBrowniest says:

    You are such a great person Kati, I can really feel that you care about us
    and are trying to help us. Thank you so much!

  10. Miss Mymoo says:

    Awww….that video was really emotional… I wanted to give you a big hug
    Kati, because you really deserve it. xxx -Myriam

  11. Daisy Garcia says:

    A tip to calm yourself down: I just learned this some time ago. Do
    something that takes you back to a moment where you felt happy.
    For me it’s squeezing a necklace that a friend gave me. I squeeze it tight
    and bring back the memories that made me feel loved. I try to remember
    every detail of that moment and so far it has worked 

  12. Larissa Spinola says:

    Grounding & controlled breathing are the best for me… I can stop myself
    from having a full blown panic attack almost every time with these 2

  13. raylo123 says:

    Kati, I hope you do a Monday video on Trichotillomania!

  14. Laura P says:

    Hi Kati. Thank you for the thoughtful clarification about selfishness
    related to suicide.
    I have a question. What do you think about hypnotherapy? I recently bought
    a couple of audiobooks to listen to while I go to sleep at night. The
    subject matters are building self confidence, how to be calm, and losing
    weight. If you do think hypnotherapy is useful, when should I listen to
    them? Is it alright to listen to them during the night when I sleep? 

  15. Ariana M says:

    +Kati Morton I agree a lot of what you said about suicide. But my dad died
    by suicide 11 years ago, and that loss is so much different than any other
    loss i have experienced, and though through my journey, there are many ways
    I could say “death is death” but losing someone to suicide is not the same
    as losing someone to cancer, for example.
    I went to bereavement groups for years, and I realized after a while the
    people i could relate most to were the ones who had lost loved ones
    suddenly, without the chance to say goodbye, or at least the anticipation
    of the possibility of their death. But the only people who really have
    understood are ones who lost loved ones the same way I did, especially a
    The process of grieving is similar, and of course i could very much relate
    to the sorrow others who have lost loved ones in other ways have faced,
    especially since experiencing other losses, but losing someone to suicide,
    i feel like comes with its own set of additional burdens and need for extra
    support from people who understand it.

    Also, you may want to suggest this directly to Arielle, or for anyone else,
    this is a great resource-

  16. Christelle says:

    Thank you so much for talking more about suicide. I understand more what
    you were saying in this vid. I think a lot of people get very defensive
    when suicide and selfishness are said together. I have attempted multiple
    times and am now extremely grateful that I was put in hospital and received
    help. At the time I didn’t think I had a choice or that there was any way
    out. After doing DBT and being in treatment I now know there is always a
    way out but I understand that people in that state can’t see it…I
    couldn’t….but I now do. I think suicide needs to be talked about more,
    there is so much confusion about it. Thanks so much for this, and sharing
    your experiences with us. Oh and I’m a total Potter head to! Xo

  17. Stefferu DragonButt says:

    Just wanted to say that your videos really help me. I don’t see a therapist
    right now so i like to brush up on things with you. My mom passed away
    about 6 years ago and I went through the craziest journey through
    depression, eating disorder, drugs, being homeless, recovery, coming back
    to life, and reinventing my whole outlook on life. I like your harry potter
    reference. I am a phoenix :)

  18. Ralph Dratman says:

    I think you’ve done a great job on the “friends with benefits” question. To
    understand that some ideas work fine in theory, but not necessarily so well
    in the real world, requires making fine distinctions.

    And I agree with you. Most attempts at polyamory — even if undertaken
    quite sincerely — eventually lead to strong negative emotions in one or
    both parties. It seems as though that ought to be unnecessary, but even
    non-sexual physical contact arouses strong instinctive reactions, and
    certainly sex does even more so. Those are instincts so powerful that in
    general we cannot avoid following them, even if our favorite theory
    suggests the opposite.

  19. Brianna Murray says:

    Thank you, Kati. Arielle is a phoenix. We were just talking about this.

  20. Yrsa Iris says:

    Panic attack tip; if you have a pet, go pet/hug them or play with them. 

  21. Bri Taylor says:

    Kati, don’t cry, please! I love you! 🙂

  22. savanna ledesma says:

    Thank you Kati!!! I have lost friends to suicide and addiction and also
    lost my dad very suddenly when I was 10. This video gave me a good cry that
    I havent let out in a while. Xoxo

  23. Jess Heflin says:

    This is one of my favorite videos you have EVER made. I love you!! Thanks
    for all you do 

  24. Vince O'Connor says:

    I lost one of my best friends to suicide, and suffer from depression and
    anxiety that twice in my life has led me to come close to committing
    suicide myself. Fortunately, my depression is finally under control, thanks
    to medication, therapy, and some great support. But I still remember the
    feelings, and it’s made me more sensitive to others in the same place so
    that I’ve been able to better reach out to them when they’re feeling like
    suicide is the only option.

  25. Taylor Krishna says:

    thanks kati! you’re videos have helped me alot!

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