Chats With Kat #1 | Panic Attacks and Anxiety

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This time on Chats With Kat I talk about my experience and thoughts on Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Sorry if I missed anything out. Follow me on Twitter: Follow…
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19 Responses to “Chats With Kat #1 | Panic Attacks and Anxiety”

  1. Seiko Shinohara says:

    I had a panic attack in my church, and they all knew that I wasn’t
    religious and that I was being forced by my parents to go there (since they
    say I’m only 17 not 18 so I can’t choose yet :/) and I was trying not to
    make a scene but I started crying and people complained about me and
    whenever I go to that church I have horrible panic and anxiety attacks.

  2. Maggitesh says:

    I have the same webcam I believe and I had the changing color problem too.
    I fixed it though, I think you have to turn off the RightLight thing and
    just mess with the settings under Advanced Settings to see how much
    brightness or gain or contrast you want (for some reason my white balance
    keeps going far left, so I have to change it almost every time I start up
    the webcam program to record). Let me know if that helped :)

  3. Oblivionaire says:

    I missed you kat!! ^_^

  4. akazi1717 says:

    I almost had an anxiety attack in public. Luckly I held it together. I have
    had a few very bad anxiety attacks at home, the point were I was scared for
    my life and crying a lot.I had to shut my eye tight, curl up in a ball on
    my bed and sobbing hard. It’s horrible, I felt like a devil or someone was
    looking at me. I’m not religious at all but it felt soo strange. I also
    have aspergers symptoms so I know exactly how you feel. Thank you for the
    video, I like watching rambling videos. :)

  5. Critchley1101 says:

    Counselling works temporary. Had it my self in the UK’s NHS. Personally,
    medication may be the only option. Either way, appreciate the video. :)

  6. Bax's says:

    This video was so interesting to watch. Also, you are beautiful <3

  7. 林穹 says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your innermost feelings with us, especially
    on your Aspergers syndrome. I can understand how hard it is because I
    myself have a high functioning autistic brother (although you’re luckier
    than him). Since you’re into gaming, why don’t you try playing To The Moon?
    I know many people have done it, but I love how the bittersweet game itself
    actually raised awareness on Aspergers throughout its entirety with
    humorous references and beautiful music. 

  8. Erin Carey says:

    I only have panic attacks around clowns :/
    But I have anxiety almost every day. I’m just a generally anxious person.

  9. EpicU says:

    Whoa, must be hard for you. Have you seen a doctor?

  10. jakey1995abc says:

    Meh, I get this every time I leave the house on my own. It’s horrible. When
    I am with someone I know and trust though I am usually okay (but there is
    only less than 10 people I trust that much). :/

  11. ConnorSinclairCavin says:

    BTW you look great, don’t worry about your weight Kat, but if it really
    worries you try making tofu cubes (pan fried in a little honey and flour)
    and set them near your desk so you can munch on them a lot, and sorry you
    have Aspbergers (cant remember spelling ever) too :-/

  12. Sweet Me Cosplay says:

    I love watching your videos, you give great advice and it really helps,
    thank you for sharing this :)

  13. Henson St.Nelus says:

    Glad to see you back kat.

  14. some_irl says:

    I actually happen to have something like nocturnal panic attacks – I have
    no nightmares, but sometimes (almost every single night) I wake up at
    nights, cry and everything. It is said that these panic attacks are weirder
    and also people find it hard to cope with, because you don’t know when it’s
    coming. I haven’t gone to the doctor. Yet. Because now I think I should go
    and try to at least have peaceful nights. Also, my mum says it’s because of
    what I see on the internet. But I know that even if I watched ponies, it
    would happen again. Anyway, I wonder why the hell this video have not so
    many “likes” and views. Is it because it’s more than 5/10/15/20 minutes or
    people just don’t like to hear anything from Kat besides seeing her
    playing? Or maybe, just maybe, this chat topic seems to be difficult? I
    just don’t know.

  15. Cam Povazan says:

    get over it

  16. ConnorSinclairCavin says:

    and agreed, my parents do not understand that my brain is like how it is,
    hard to get others to understand

  17. Jack Neville says:

    It’s a good thing that Aaron is there for you.

  18. ConnorSinclairCavin says:

    i get them only very raely, like when i get lost on the road or something,
    i have found that sprite or other lemon lime sodas with lots of fizz help
    if you breath the fizz and sip slowly, but they do really suck, carrying
    silly putty somewhere close helps too because that sort of physical motion
    of kneading then stretching the putty helps a lot

  19. kingslayer4 says:

    I relate to this so much. I’ve always had anxiety because I’m quite shy,
    but I never had panic attacks until my last year of college. My worst one
    took place in the dining hall. At first I tried to sit still and let it
    pass, but my friends noticed that I wasn’t eating so they started asking me
    questions, which made it worse because of all the attention. So, I tried to
    leave the dining hall, but it felt like the exit was 100 miles away. When I
    finally made it out the panic attack stopped, but I couldn’t get back into
    the hall without paying for another meal, so I basically went hungry for
    the rest of the day too. Now that I graduated college, I can’t even get a
    job because my anxiety makes me feel terrible every time I leave the house.
    A lot of people think that I’m exaggerating or that I can just get over it,
    but it’s not that simple. I’m really glad that I found this video, it’s
    nice to know someone else understands.

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