Coping Effectively with Massive Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Blog post that I reference: The link to the video…

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3 Responses to “Coping Effectively with Massive Anxiety and Panic Attacks”

  1. GMarie G says:


  2. mrsnabeel says:

    yes self talk, I did the same this morning..I am a muslim and today is my
    first day of fasting. I am having annoying headache, little migraine and
    its becoming terrible with fasting. So I was going into a itsy bitsy panic
    attack, where I felt if it will go longer then Godforbid, I would break my
    fast and would take my headache medicine. But then I did some self talk.
    And see, I am feeling better now. I got busy in making food and after
    watching this video I will go to pray 😀 I am fine now :))

  3. rose love says:

    i’m terrible with my panic attacks, sometimes feel hopeless..

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