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  1. dterm2002 says:

    I know that you’re really not interested in anti-anxiety meds, BUT there is
    a non-narcotic, non-addicting blood pressure medication called Propranolol
    (generic name: Inderal) that is used “off-label” to literally shut down
    anxiety and panic attacks.

    It is immediately effective. and it can be taken only as needed. I’ve used
    it for years, and there are many other people who use it situationally for
    stage fright.

    Honestly, I suffered for literal decades through cognitive and relaxation
    modalities that simply did not work. Additionally, there was no desire to
    get addicted to narcotics or other sedating medications.

    Inderal simply lowers the blood pressure spike that takes place when one
    suffers a panic or anxiety attack. Some people use a low dose on a daily
    basis for ongoing anxiety, while others (like me…) use it only when a
    panic attack hits.

    I swear by the stuff, especially given the fact that I used to work in
    stressful situations on a daily basis. The med has been around forever, and
    has few (if any) side effects.

    (Guys are sometimes reluctant to take it because it can cause impotence,
    but women generally report no ill effects…)

    Some people think that panic and/or anxiety attacks are moral / character
    failings, when they are, in fact, medical issues that respond to treatment.

    Seriously, feel free to check with a doctor or pharmacist – Inderal really
    worked wonders for me…

    Best to you!

  2. username1nmillion says:

    +Melissa Carmen I had heard of ” cognitive behavioral therapy ” before
    because my mum is a Psychologist . I *do* myself suffer from anxiety &
    panic attacks, tho I’m trying my best not to suffer them. What I find helps
    me is “meditating” with music {with headphones on, say from example : +
    YouTube } every day before I do my days errands. 

  3. Gman IV says:

    can i undo that zipper on the front of your shirt???

  4. expliotedhawk says:

    I love you! :)

  5. Cathy Anderson says:

    Yes, anxiety attacks are really wretched. CBT, breathing, yoga, exercise,
    limiting caffeine…lots of things can help. On a train or bus, do you
    think it would prevent anxiety if you struck up a conversation with
    someone? (“Hi would you mind chatting a bit? I tend to get anxious using
    public transportation.”) Most people love to help like that.
    In any case it should go away in time. You shouldn’t feel like it’s always
    going to be a problem. 

  6. Keira Leonard says:

    Rather than wasting your time on regular treatments without having
    guaranteed result, you need to heal anxiety attack yourself by all-natural

  7. Elena Gil says:

    omg thank you so much for making this video. I’ve recently been dealing
    with major anxiety and panic attacks. I was trying to figure out what was
    wrong with me. I always feel “freaked out” if I’m too far away from home
    and I’m worried I’ll never be able to travel to another country 🙁 Will
    this eventually go away? 

  8. Gman IV says:

    DRINKING is the best medicine for Aniety attacks, it will calm you down, do
    a shot of RUM, Vodka or Whisky

  9. Kendrah Raye Whyte says:

    As I’ve said previously, you’re quite pretty. Also, that lamp behind you is
    a great design. Where did you buy it? As soon to be 72(and MTFT), I still
    have to deal with anxiety and PTSD. Being Trans. has nothing to do with it:
    sometimes, I think you’re born with “the A word”. Checking your breathing
    helps. But sometimes we forget that in the midst of an attack!!!

  10. andy gordon says:

    lovely vid xx

  11. michael jagger says:

    i wish i wasnt on meds they drain you.i used to have feelings when i felt a
    loss of reality like you feel like youre not in your body.but you are know
    where you are.
    been to the doctors and im on the waiting list for a psychologist but the
    NHS are hopeless.

  12. stuart9534803 says:

    Thanks for posting this. My anxiety pretty much runs my life, which leads
    to depression. I cannot imagine having to deal with public transport on a
    daily basis. I am somewhat comfortable as long as I am outside, or have a
    door or window “escape plan” in a public place.

  13. courtneyblushtg says:

    Being trans myself I try to keep from getting trapped or in a no way out
    spot ! If it dose happen I start to freakout and look for a way home as
    fast as I can why I keep safe! to the point I keep my back to the wall and
    key in hand. You just never know.

  14. billyblooboy says:

    It sounds really sad to be like that,i think the regret afterwards for not
    doing something you wanted to do , and never done must be horrible .Its a
    shame .And there are so many people who suffer from it .

  15. sharpsvilleBill says:

    Aw, sweetheart, I’m sorry you have anxiety issues 🙁 You are so beautiful
    and composed in your videos. Hopefully as you get older and more secure in
    your new life it will get better for you. If I feel raised anxiety in
    certain positions I like to interact with someone and try to focus on the
    conversation. If I see someone in that position I try to engage them and
    drain off their anxiety. My brother and mother had terrible anxiety issues
    so I know what its like and it can be debilitating. 

  16. lucy stone says:

    I get ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS when I go out sometimes but I also av
    sweats with it mainly croweded places but when im at home I feel fine I was
    thinking it something to do with me transitioning

  17. anyacares4u says:

    Hey, Melissa, it’s great to hear their stories from different people! I
    also struggle with panic attacks from time to time, we can get through it!
    Thank you! <3

  18. yilin jin says:

    im having a “panic attack” right now because you’re so attractive,
    beautiful, and sexy !

  19. Melissa Carmen Vlog says:

    Had to upload this again. First time chunks of it were missing sound so
    sorry if it seems muddled up but couldn’t get the footage back :(

  20. Michael S. says:

    I´m not an expert in psychology, but possibly your panic attacks could be
    influenced by improper breathing (I had this idea, because you´re talking
    quite fast). It´s called chronic hyperventilation syndrome and in some
    cases it can cause feelings of anxiety. Then breathing meditation or
    respiratory therapy could help. I hope you feel better soon.

  21. AboutHarley says:

    Your so brave! I deal with anxiety and panic attacks would u please check
    out my channel thankyou!xx

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