Dan Harris Interview: On-Air Panic Attack And Drug Use

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (2)

As part of our ongoing Third Metric series, we speak to ABC’s “Nightline” anchor Dan Harris about his new book, “10% Happier”, and the panic attack that got …

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2 Responses to “Dan Harris Interview: On-Air Panic Attack And Drug Use”

  1. Hat Monit says:

    Drug, invasive methods and therapies won’t be the answers because panic
    attack is not sickness, either mental or physical.

  2. Greg Howard says:

    This guy is an ignorant liar, Nightline co-anchor Dan Harris on Monday
    night mocked Sarah Palin for her new internet channel and falsely
    identified the conservative as “the woman who says she can see Russia from
    her house.” [MP3 audio here.] No, she didn’t. It was Saturday Night Live’s
    Tina Fey in 2008 who uttered this line.

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