Dan Harris’ Panic Attack (and Discovery of Meditation)

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ABC News anchor Dan Harris recounts having a panic attack live on Good Morning America. Harris went on to encounter a number of snake-oil-selling self-help g…
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25 Responses to “Dan Harris’ Panic Attack (and Discovery of Meditation)”

  1. Lina Leahy says:

    I finally found the one that works for me!!! my panic attacks are diffrent
    everytime, although usually they are triggered by something, i have had
    attacks while lying in bed trying to fall asleep. scariest thing ever! so
    glad i have not had one in public.. Things are much better now!!! I have
    not had an attack in over 5 months now…

  2. Renkadoo says:

    Wanna know what the REAL cure is for dealing with all the garbage in the

  3. Lemenks says:

    Yea, I think some secular people miss out because they are so opposed to
    any of the ideas from religion. If secular people can take the useful parts
    of religion and use them without following the dogma, it could really
    benefit them.

    As a secular person, I have found meditation great for motivation and

  4. SamJord says:

    Yeah, he’s right. It won’t solve all of your problems, but it’s a great
    foundation to start from. Meditation, daily exercise (aerobic and
    anaerobic), breathing techniques, *cold showers* (oh boy), good nutrition.
    There’s so many daily activities/habits you can do and perform that create
    a brilliant foundation for yourself. One of these can really help your life
    so imagine doing all of them. 

  5. MetrazolElectricity says:

    He’s still incredibly annoying. I guess he needs to meditate more.

  6. Agnes Smith says:

    Well, I’ve had panic attacks and I’ve never done drugs. What about THAT?

  7. Eddie Hayes says:

    Cocaine and Ecstasy,Dan Harris did not have a panic attack.The drugs he was
    taking are stimulants.The very thing that will cause anxiety problems. 

  8. Noe Berengena says:

    It’s great to see how someone who thinks he is in charge (and has no
    respect for anything transcendent) is humbled and realizes there is
    something bigger than he is. 

  9. tonyfalca says:

    i’ve experienced extreme social anxiety for about 8 years now, 5 of
    which–the last 5 years in fact–i’ve barely left the house. i’m still
    uncertain as to what exactly has caused it, but i’d wager money that it is
    largely due to the fact that i, too, abused substances (mainly cocaine and
    ecstasy, with spurts of crack, heroin, and prescription drugs) from the age
    of 14 to 25. it took me 11 or so years, but i’ve finally cleaned up my act.
    the anxiety has in many ways become more manageable, but it’s still a cause
    of great disorder in my life. i just wanted to share this in case there are
    any kids out there who are, like i used to be, currently experimenting with
    drugs or, after discovering that drugs can be a source of immense pleasure,
    are subsequently abusing them. you might not notice any negative effects
    for years, even if you heavily abuse them, but i can guarantee you that if
    you continue abusing them sooner or later you will experience some very
    troubling ailments. my best friend, too, one of the kids with whom i did
    all of the drugs over the years, ended up suffering from chemical psychosis
    and was diagnosed clinically insane. he’s also recovering, yet it has taken
    years and years upon years… be careful kids! think twice.

  10. Hector Aguilar says:

    Idiot if you do, Coke and Ecstasy fuck’s with your brain moods wise guy.
    plus your ptsd from being a overseas reporter.

  11. Jay Hunt says:

    I totally agree with you Dan. Well said and well done

  12. Casey Hogue says:

    So, I don’t do drugs and had a panic attack. Now what doc?

  13. An artist theory on the physics of 'Time' as a physical process. Quantum Atom Theory says:

    I enjoyed this video, he seemed very truthful!!!

  14. Eric Louthain says:

    Dan Harris on his path to meditation. 

  15. Samey Pen says:

    THANKS, I HAD A SOCIAL anxiety attack for the last 35 years ,you are give
    me some hope.

  16. silvia gomez says:

    i dont used drug and I suffer with panic attackand is a really bad felling
    for 25 yeard with this

  17. musenheddo says:

    So the only possible explanation for his panic attack was his use of drugs?
    His doctor sounds like a tool.

  18. Jan Bidwell says:

    Dan, thanks for your honesty. I know more and more people are going to
    experience the vast benefits. I’ve been teaching meditation for 30 years
    and I am delighted to see how many people are now sitting still and
    breathing. It’s so incredibly simple and yet not easy.

  19. Stephen Nielsen says:

    Gotta tell you, I don’t know if I buy the whole “I was a workaholic and
    wanted to be great at my job so I was using cocaine and ecstasy” argument.
    Sounds like massive rationalization, even self delusion to me.

  20. rayamat01 says:

    I’ve been dealing with panic attacks for 4 years now. I’ve been meaning to
    try meditating but I can’t find the time

  21. Elise Dash says:

    ‘…the value of having a view of the world that is larger than your own
    self interest…’

  22. Alexis Wolfe says:

    …cool so this guy totally columbused mediation and Buddhism. 

  23. Abbigale Gordon says:

    cdfu, cocaine and ecstasy? 

  24. Giacomo Piccinini says:

    So after hearing this, I find compelled to ask anyone who’s interested in
    answering; what is you opinion on Eckhart Tolle’s book?
    I’m reading The Power of the Now at the moment, but while promising
    greatly, all it’s managed to deliver so far is a sense of overall confusion
    that I’m afraid is overlapping during my meditation sessions.

  25. Shelley F says:

    goes like this with respect to panic and anxiety … “if I could meditate
    — I would not need to meditate” …. some people can … and some people
    can’t … great advice if you are a person who “can” – useless advice for
    those of us who can’t … 

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