Dealing with anxiety & panic attacks

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Hey guys just thought I’d make a video of how to deal with a panic attack and ongoing anxiety. Important: I am not a doctor these techniques worked for me it…
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5 Responses to “Dealing with anxiety & panic attacks”

  1. AManOfFaith3 says:

    i try to keep my breathing as even as possible.sometimes the anciety just
    comes on enexpectedly and my heaet goes from normal to a 100+ in no time
    thats when i like to just close my eyes put cold water on my face and try
    to make myself cold so i forget about the anxiety and focus on trying to
    get warm.ive actually learned how to make myself shiver when i get my
    attacks.it might sound odd but its the only thing i found to help me forget
    about it.

  2. AManOfFaith3 says:

    i too get anxiety.great video by the way.when i start feeling my anxiety
    come on i just try and keep my heart down

  3. livelifelove28 says:

    I suffer from panic attacks and I hate them:( thankyou for the tips

  4. taryncoda03 says:

    With panic attacks, I too find that breathing is one of the most crucial
    things! Definitely deep breathing techniques or abdominal breathing as some
    call it. It really helps to slow down my racing heart when it gets going. I
    also pray and that helps me as well. Something else I learned is that you
    never want to fight a panic attack if it’s happening because it will only
    make it worse. You have to just let it happen and breathe and float through
    it when it does happen. They are wretched =(

  5. unusualkate says:

    it’s amazing how good breathing can make you feel. no fighint a panic
    attack is the worst thing you can do. thats exactly right 🙂 yes they are
    🙁 thank you for commenting

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