Dealing with Anxiety & Panic Disorder

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“Anxiety disorders affect some 40 million adults and one in eight children in the United States. And more than 19 million experience depression.” – Anxiety a…

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25 Responses to “Dealing with Anxiety & Panic Disorder”

  1. Kristian Lynn Gonzales says:

    I understand where you going through i really do. i have panic attacks
    since i was a Freshman in high school. 2 months later my panic attack comes
    roughly. My brother & sister in law was fighting with me, they were yelling
    in front of my face because i didn’t like how his wife attack me with notes
    in my mom house So i Told them how i felt. at like they the one who pay
    bills & own a house. I had go the hospital too, i couldn’t stop freaking
    out.I take 1 muscle relaxer a day to help it,and it coming really good for
    it. Hang in there you’re not alone♥♥♥

  2. Sara L says:

    hey I went through major depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and all of
    that fun stuff for 9 years with no health problems in my life ever. I just
    rediscovered your Youtube Channel and I am so glad. You are really awesome
    and it takes a lot of bravery to talk about this stuff. When I talk to
    people about it I feel like they will think terrible things or think I am
    making excuses or make fun of me. I tried anti anxiety meds and anti
    depression meds but they really made things worse for me after a while but
    I learned that the power is within your mind. Try to think Positively.
    Surround yourself with people who make you feel better. When your having
    anxiety attacks try to find ways that work to help yourself calm down.
    Trust me I have been through this mostly my entire life and its brought
    hell for me. I am in college now and sometimes I cant go to class because I
    know Ill break down or I just feel so down that I cant move or I feel very
    suicidal but you just gotta look at the beautiful things around you. The
    people who love you, the little things that make life good. You gotta keep
    moving forward and staying strong and not letting Depression ,anxiety or
    anything empower you. You gotta change your mind around. I am glad to know
    your doing better and really doing that. I mean I still have bad days where
    its really hard but I think after I have changed my whole mindset around it
    really has helped the most. I actually just applied to a job at a psych
    unit just because I really want to help people going thru this because I
    have most of my life and I dont want anyone to let it control them or them
    to hurt themselves because of it. Not to be creepy but if your really
    struggling I am here and I do understand :)

  3. litowing0505 says:

    Hi sweetie, I too suffered from it, it was terrible, went through it and
    I’m glad to say that I’m better. It was a sudden strike to me as well,
    ended up at the hospital of course drugging me was one of their first
    options. So sad right?, took the meds n no way I didn’t like the side
    effects, I was a zombie. Decided 2 do it meds free, n I can tell u that it
    takes time, n dedication & lots of patience, but its possible. 4 me the
    hardest thing was to learn how to ride with the PA, n not b afraid

  4. Krista S says:

    I have terrible health related anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic attacks,
    and OCD. I’ve had OCD for 7 years now and health anxiety for 2 years. I
    definitely feel like I’m the only one going through this. I went to the ER
    last month bc I was convinced I had this infection bc I was around someone
    else who had it. But the doctors told me it couldn’t even be spread so
    don’t worry. I still am not sure if I believe them. It was to the point
    where I couldn’t sleep &had an upset stomach all the time

  5. ErinTheInsomniac says:

    I understand completely. Hang in there <3 Med free is the way to be but if
    they help you by all means take them!

  6. Maria cecilia Baeza escobar says:

    Thank you for doing this video, I feel so relatedd to you.

  7. Tammysstudio says:

    Have you been tested for Lupus?

  8. nataaaalya says:

    Thanks for talking about this.

  9. ErinTheInsomniac says:

    Thank you so much.

  10. ErinTheInsomniac says:

    I know the EXACT feeling. I have an anxiety med right now as needed. But I
    hope you feel better soon. Have faith <3

  11. ErinTheInsomniac says:

    I get that where I hear something then “bring about” the symptoms. The mind
    can do crazy things.

  12. fmalcall07 says:

    I don’t like it when I get a panic attack because I start to sweat, and
    that makes me smell badly 🙁

  13. Bill Smiles says:

    I am really sorry you are afflicted with this. I am glad you are getting

  14. symmetricalastic says:

    I have panic attacks. They’re awful

  15. Kati Morton says:

    Hi Erin, Thanks for making this video. I appreciate your honesty. 🙂

  16. Meggie Shearer says:

    Thank you for this video. I have an anxiety disorder and struggle with it.

  17. Katie Woodrow says:

    thank you for being brave enough to make this video, I have a lot of
    respect for you! I wanted to say that things do get easier, granted it
    never really fully goes away but it does get more manageable. In January I
    was diagnosed with General anxiety disorder after having panic attacks and
    constantly feeling over whelmed and on edge.a month or 2 later I had
    therapy which helped LOADS and I no longer have panic attacks, I just feel
    on edge a lot of the time- it gets better with time,stay strong!:)

  18. ErinTheInsomniac says:

    Hope things get better for you soon <3 <3

  19. Ree0Trance says:

    I suffer with a GAD/SAD, Agrophobia, Acute Grief Reaction, Vitamin D
    Deficiency, List goes on.. But point is I know exactly what your feeling
    all the different symptoms things we believe! is happening to us. Panic
    attacks are frequent. Everyday i can’t get through 1 day without atleast
    5-6 attacks. I can’t take Tablets-meds. i have been to given Liquid form
    and most times have to be made to take meds. as i believe there doing more
    harm to me. Thanks to Anxiety! everything is Dread and Fear

  20. Justatouchof Blush says:

    i never knew it exsisted…till it happened to me:/

  21. Ree0Trance says:

    Have no choice but to fight it all. Had panic attacks non stop since
    friday.. usually my panic disorder is spread out. But what has triggered
    ongoing ones from friday i can’t work out. Can’t take any meds atm as there
    inducing more panic attacks. So tired of all this shit! And with VitD
    Defiency I can’t take Oil supplements becoz tht is causing me stomach
    issues also inducing panic. in a no way win situation atm. Have no energy
    and i am sleeping so much.

  22. TheGingerkid2 says:

    I get really bad cramps chest pains and headaches if I don’t take my anti
    anxiety meds.

  23. Justatouchof Blush says:

    thanks for sharing

  24. ErinTheInsomniac says:

    I’ve been tested from head to toe!

  25. Krista S says:

    The upset stomach was a symptoms of the infection I thought I had so I
    demanded that they take a stool sample. What are you doing to overcome your
    health anxiety other than medication? I’m very nervous to go on meds or
    start therapy. I was wondering if there were other ways. I really want to
    overcome this! It’s hard for me bc my social anxiety as well

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