Dealing with Depersonalization Disorder Disorder and Panic Disorder

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How to deal with depersonalization and panic. Be strong, you are not alone, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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11 Responses to “Dealing with Depersonalization Disorder Disorder and Panic Disorder”

  1. dick tiger jr. says:


  2. brooklynnx1 says:

    Thank you ! And you should be too ! Sounds like you’ve come a long way 🙂
    So great to hear about people that learn how to master and deal with with
    such scary attacks, stay strong and keep fighting the good fight, never let
    it get the best of you ! =]

  3. brooklynnx1 says:

    It always amazes me how people feel the same exact symptoms, because when
    it’s happening it seems so bizzare and un-natrual i feel like there has to
    be something wrong, but yes the difference in shades of light throws me off
    terribly at times ! I noticed that sometimes really bright white walls
    makes me feel a little odd and then triggers the dp. But latlely, even when
    it does trigger it, i sort of just ride the dp wave, and it doesn’t last
    too long.

  4. Liveforeverything1 says:

    I’ve been dealing with anxiety and everything that comes with along with
    it. Esp. Dp/dr.. It takes a truly strong soul to not only admit, but fight
    this disease.. Thank you for your videos.. I have a question for you. Does
    your dp flair up the day after a night of heavy drinking? And what about
    different shades of light?

  5. shatteredmemories99 says:

    I love your videos! You take a very balanced approached to DPDR and make
    seem like not so serious…like its something we can definitely get

  6. Bobby C. says:

    you did a really good thing by making this video

  7. brooklynnx1 says:

    Lol good point, seems like people actually do though thankfully 🙂

  8. HeIsNotTheFather1 says:

    Do u realy expect people to pay attentin to what your saying with those

  9. Dean V says:

    you really should be proud of yourself. many people spend their whole lives
    paralyzed by panic attacks. the first time i had i truly thought I was
    going to die to the point where I called my parents to tell them that I
    loved them After that I was so much better able to handle it and just be
    like “whatever im having a panic attack” Also, great advice about DPDR…we
    need to accept it for what it is and not let it run our life. We cant waste
    time “waiting” for a cure that may never come.

  10. dallastxadg says:

    your cute. whats your name?

  11. brooklynnx1 says:

    And yes drinking a lot can throw me off balance, but thats pretty
    understandble, anything thats altering the chemistry of your brain can
    trigger panic and dp even in people without the disorder, because the brain
    is trying to get back to that normal state. Hope this helped a little 🙂

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