Depression Symptoms & Help : What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Depression?

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Signs and symptoms of depression include loss of interest in pleasurable activities, a lack of sex drive, a sense of helplessness and sleep disturbance. Discover how some people who suffer from depression have trouble eating with help from a psychotherapist and licensed mental health counselor in this free video on depression. Expert: David Thomas Contact: www.WTGTampa.com Bio: Dr. David Thomas has been certified as a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida since 1986 and the National Board of Certified Counselors since 1987. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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25 Responses to “Depression Symptoms & Help : What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Depression?”

  1. babyfefi says:

    it’s pretty much normal that kids start getting depressed around 13-19 years old. But it’s very important that you seek for help. I started getting depressed when i was 14 and i’m 21 and still taking therapy for it. Never give up and stay strong. dont be afraid to ask for help. talk to a counselor, ask for guidance. i know its hard and all you wanna do is keep pushing everyone away, but you have to fight against it and enjoy life. it’s only one. 🙂

  2. xInnocentxDemonx says:

    I’m always in my house, I barely eat anymore, I’m dressing more goth each day, I can’t concentrate on anything, I’m always tired, I day dream at school and am starting to get bad grades, I always want to stay home, I don’t have any more friends, I feel like I’m worthless, I stay up until 4 o’clock every night. I’m always sad. I can’t get a girfriend. All I do is listen to sad music on my laptop. And sometimes I cry before I go to sleep. But I’ve never had suicidal thoughts. I still need help 🙁

  3. TheRosesBlood says:

    @Sapphiregriffin im with ya at 13 :/ kind of nice to know im not alone.

  4. HeadToDead says:

    @Shawskyyy to be honest man its Your life and Your in charge of it. if you feel like commiting suicide you can debate it cause its Your choice, but if you feel like making a go with the flow change, or a try something different change go ahead, its better to be stuck in the grey zone instead of the black zone. ive thought of suicide to man im 15 n everything feels worthless n i cant figure out why i feel so negative, u know its all our ego that is doing this and were all fucked n nothings right

  5. HeadToDead says:

    fuck i have all those syntoms!

  6. CaptnxKnuckles says:

    @Sapphiregriffin im right here with you dude

  7. SkelaSnave says:

    Guys just keep your mind on something you enjoy for me it’s music and it helped me get through it.

  8. ps31871 says:

    Hey guys if u have depression go outside that will make you feel better run evrey day and you will feel much better you have to have activity to stop those stupid thoughts! I have depression and i went to the doc and they give me some medisine and i go outside and i run for a while evrey day and that is helping out now i feel a lot better.

  9. funfun26 says:

    There is hope.

  10. Shawskyyy says:

    i stay in the house all day, i stay up untill 4 in the morning and sleep in, i hate what i look like and hate looking at my reflection, my dad isnt proud of me because all i do is sit around on my laptop and dont want to go out with friends, i have a bad relationship with my dad because of this, i have suicidal thoughts alot. im 16 and cant get a girlfriend…my parents think suicide is a joke and dont know about me thinking about it, i do bad in school and dont have many friends, please help

  11. MrQuizknows says:

    I was just diagnosed with depression. My grades in the last 3 years have gone from straight As to Ds and Fs. I sleep alot, but I can never fall asleep at night time. I just don’t feel up to it anymore. I have had suicide thoughts. I just want it to get better.

  12. CoolCandy3001 says:

    @CoolCandy3001 since i was 8. Ands its gotten stronger as the years go on. At school people used to look out for me when i cried, but now they think im an attention seeker, but im not an attention seeker, im asking for help. Help thats nobody will give me,

  13. CoolCandy3001 says:

    I’m 10, I sometimes dont sleep very well then the next day i’ll be alseep all night. My friends stopped playing with me because i would burst out in tears for no reason. I sometimes get worse and feel like i dont know why i was born, sometimes i feel like killing myself, and other imes i can feel alone. Yesterday I almost killed myself, but my sister stopped me from doing so. I dont eat as well as i used to either. And i feel like nobody cares about me. I have been crying randomly since i was –

  14. mjchangedmylyf says:

    @mjchangedmylyf and my friends neglect my efforts for trying to reach out. no one really texts me. i just feel so alone right now. i have ow energy, and i don’t understand why. i exercise every morning. aren’t i supposed to have more energy?? 🙁
    and this morning, i cried so much. i don’t know why, but there was this ache in my chest, the next thing i knew, i was sobbing. 🙁
    Can anyone help me??

  15. mjchangedmylyf says:

    @mjchangedmylyf and usually, after lunch, i’m on my computer going to facebook, and feeling all sad because no one is trying to communicate with me, so i log off and watch anime from youtube. then i’d sleep for like 3 hours. i’m so lonely, and sad, and i feel worthless. it’s like sleeping is the only way that helps me cope up with the lonliness. I feel that no one wants to be around me. like i’m a burden. my own sister doesn’t even wanna talk to me, my cousins don’t care,

  16. mjchangedmylyf says:

    i don’t know if i’m depressed. but in the mornings, i do aerobics, and doing any kind of exercise releases endorphin that’s supposed to make a person happy. but not me. in the mornings, i’d feel sad, and i’d even cry and i have no idea why! and i’m neutral at night. it’s summer, and i’m supposed to be having the time of my life, but i’m at home in my computer. my friends don’t want to hang out, and my family always asks me why i’m not hanging out, and i just make excuses that my friends r busy.

  17. GBAPCLAN says:

    i have never been invited to a house party, i day dreamt that summer would be filled with great days out with friends in the summer sun. i now just stay indoors all day on my computer’ playing games or looking at pictures on facebook of other peoples great parties they have had.

  18. MegaDarkangel420 says:

    i’m always sad i wonder why i’m sad i’m sitting in the dark looking for answers to why i feel so depressed,i feel as if my life is in distress,i get picked on alot by my closest relative they call me lazy because i don’t wanna get out of bed,its like i lost interest of things i once enjoyed i don’t enjoy it anymore,i feel like my heart is broken into pieces i try to reach out to people but they ignore me like i’m not there so why should i care,sometimes i get violent and don’t know why i did it

  19. airsoftkiller17 says:

    I feel like there’s always a reason to be sad and there’s always a way of things to get better but after thinking that for so long I lose hope and just live with it I have a great friend that keeps trying to help me but I push her away and don’t know why cuz all I keep thinking is someone please help me but when she try’s I get mad and tell her to leave me alone I do things like ridding my bike to keep my mind off all the sad things in my life but as soon as I’m done all the sad comes back and

  20. rrwryan says:

    @Sapphiregriffin I noticed this comment was posted 10 months ago. Please tell me how are you feeling now?

  21. HaloAssassinsGroup says:

    @supersquash7 same here.

  22. magdi1966 says:

    @22Hypergrl I feel the same way. I don’t like going anywhere either, or doing anything. Nothing makes me happy any more. I don’t feel loved or wanted or needed. Sometimes, I just don’t want to be here any more.

  23. supersquash7 says:

    I’ve always wanted to be a comedian, for a long time i was really funny. Then one day i was making a person mad because they couldn’t take a joke and they got offended or something. Ever since then i haven’t had comedy in my life because i took a break of being comedic. But soon lost it, then i fell into a deep depression and am still in one it seems, i don’t know how to get a drive back into doing something i love, everything seems so hopeless. Btw, i’m only 15. So basically like the top c

  24. act1919 says:

    @Sapphiregriffin i feel your pain bro.

  25. KryptoWolf says:

    @Liquadia yea sure….. cause that will fix my problems *Sarcasm*

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