Diesel – Panic Attack VIP

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VIP of panic attack. Theres a better quality version on my soundcloud:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Diesel – Panic Attack VIP”

  1. younglonewolf says:

    @TheIVVPLabs its actullly deepar

  2. Torkmenow says:


  3. TheHalfBreedDragon says:

    the dude on the cover looks like he got anal raped just now haha. By a black man o.0

  4. oshru1 says:

    Leave this comment:

    Hi hi! Have you tried anxiety zero technique (I think its at Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin pretty much cured anxiety and panic attacks with it.

  5. MrNecryptic says:

    song literally just made me lose my hearing in my left ear o.o

  6. SJaen20 says:

    creepy ass picture

  7. DamianNeate says:

    post link for picture pls

  8. jfs1114 says:

    @FilthyShroom Most VIPs I’ve heard sound fairly different, but whatever.

  9. FilthyShroom says:

    VIP means Variation In Production which on the other hand means that it isn’t even supposed to sound too different. Otherwise, it would be a remix.

  10. jfs1114 says:

    Too similar to the original, me thinks.

  11. SkeetSauceBoss says:

    tbh, i actually felt a sharp pain in both of my ears at the bass drop.

  12. DecapitateSpeedcore says:

    The face at the video describes exactly my face when the first high-pitch noise came.

  13. muc685 says:

    fuckin crazy man

  14. ianlegg95 says:

    1. Go to Google Translate

    2. Type in “Will Diesel ever die”

    3. Translate it english to Vietnamese

    4. Copy the vietnamese translation and paste it into the box

    5. Translate it from vietnamese to english

    6. Don’t be surprised

  15. ianlegg95 says:

    damnit. goosebumps again

  16. DubstepBox says:

    Great song, Diesel!

  17. BLlyiii says:

    The original hurt me… Now i can’t stop crying. No joke tho i was drunk once and this came on one of my CD’s and i was nearly sick HAA! embarrasing

  18. djkrankhoff says:

    panic attack was one of the greatest bangers of 2010 n this vip mix is one of the first bangers of 2011

  19. Cookies4Next10Miles says:

    Sick VIP mate, got a link to that image by any chance 🙂

  20. akStoof says:

    THE definition of insane.

  21. akStoof says:

    THE definition of insane.

  22. jfs1114 says:

    Pretty good, but too similar to the original to massive for me. Sorry :/

  23. DaveBrum90 says:

    Definite EAP victim.

  24. JEB375 says:

    oh my

  25. ZombieDustUK says:

    yes, YES, FUCKING YES !!!! Huge as always

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