Different Panic Attack Symptoms

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (1) A panic disorder can manifest with panic seizures or attacks. Panic attacks are being experienced by almost 20 percent or an estimated 60 million adults in America, these people may suffer once or twice from a panic seizure at a point in their adult lives. 3 million of these people may go through repeated panic attack symptoms. Manifested symptoms of panic attack are considered different from most kind of disorders since, this may happen suddenly and unexpectedly. A person suffering from panic attacks may possibly develop irrational fears, which can escalate and form into a phobia. The duration of a panic attack may differ greatly; it usually lasts for more than ten minutes or more if the attacks are recurring. It is considered to be one of the most distressing conditions one can experience because of the panic attack symptoms which mimic that of a heart attack. A lot of emotional conditions may have panic attacks as the symptom; some of these may include post traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism and withdrawal from substance abuse. Medical conditions like anemia and thyroid abnormalities can also produce panic attacks; stimulants and malaria medications may also have side-effects that can result to panic seizures. Panic attacks that happen while sleeping is called nocturnal panic attacks, this can occur less than that of a panic attack in the daytime. This condition can affect at the most, seventy percent of all the people going through
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  1. BaybeeLouise95 says:

    I Don’t know what I’m getting burh basically when i get stressed my ability to do things go down like I feel very weak and not energetic I kinda loose my apatite and I feel outa breth all day although I do not breath fast I keep going into shock could this still be ?

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