Doctor Explains How to Stop a Panic Attack

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Dr. Harry Barry explains why panic attacks are not dangerous and how to stop them from occurring. For more info visit http://www.panicaway.com When I had my …

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25 Responses to “Doctor Explains How to Stop a Panic Attack”

  1. dt089 says:

    Thank you so much for this video. It really gave me a better perspective on

  2. SheRunsWildandFree says:

    Hi Barry,
    I have been using techniques from Panic Away for the last year with great
    progress with my anxiety! Thank you for that so much! But I have one
    specific instance that I could use some advice. I suffer from Panic
    Attacks mostly due to past trauma and abuse, most often when traveling, and
    although Panic Away helps to quell the symptoms tremendously, I tend to get
    an upset stomach to the point where I have to pull over and use the
    restroom when traveling…even though the panic begins to dissipate, it is
    difficult to control my physical symptoms of stomach upset once they have
    started. I completely agree with allowing the anxiety to manifest as it
    wishes, but when it manifests itself in the form of stomach upset it is a
    bit harder to handle during travel or when I MUST be somewhere at a certain
    time…any thoughts or should I just allow it to come up when it needs to
    and use anti stomach upset medicines to help keep it in check? Thank you
    in advance! :)

  3. bocaitalian says:

    Your teachings might be good for people that get minor Panic Attacks, but
    I get major attacks,now over 30yrs. For instance, mine are on the
    interstates..When going between two 18 wheeler semi tractor trailers. I
    feel like I am going to be squished.Another is taking an exit ramp,the ones
    that are like 5 or 6 stories off the ground. The feeling is sheer terror,
    like I am going to go right thru the barricade wall and drive off the ramp
    to death. No teachings,rubber bands around the wrist to snap,nothing has
    stopped them..I take medication in low dose called Klonopin..Don;t care how
    addictive it is, if it gets rid of the attacks, and lets me drive the
    interstates, instead of avoiding them,then I will take them. Good luck to
    all, that can take ur advice,and talk themselves thru a MINOR, Panic
    Attack..Love to see someone in my shoes,use your way of getting thru an
    attack I have….

  4. MONSTERxCILE says:

    Thank you so much for that it has been awhile since I’ve had a panic
    attack. Now I’m going places and getting out more! Thank you so much. :)

  5. WolfGrrl says:

    I got my first panic attack a month ago, didn’t know what it was at first,
    then i figured out it was actually a panic attack. Then obsessing over
    it… obviously, I got another one 2 weeks ago, and it was even worse,
    because I realized that OMG now I’m having panic attacks and it’s a
    thing…. felt sick the whole day after that, thinking that I’m going
    insane. This video helped me a lot in understanding it, and now I can’t
    wait to get another one so I can confront it !!!

  6. Becky White says:

    This video is amazing

  7. Tannen Holt says:

    I have been having my attacks at random times, and they will last anywhere
    beetween 30mn-2 hours. And they are stressing me out so much, and I can’t
    make them stop :(

  8. Paula grant says:

    I suffer from depression because I am unable to rid myself of the constant
    anxiety and daily attacks. I have done the panic away program and still
    keep up with new info you send my way. I try to just let the anxiety be or
    get excited by it but some days are harder than others. I’ve tried to be
    medicine free but I ended up suicidal. I am currently working on different
    medicines (i have tried many without success) to at least help out so I
    don’t have so many irrational thoughts during the anxiety and depression.
    CBT and prayer helps me to get through each day. My attacks don’t leave me
    home ridden but I do avoid certain things. I can hardly read a book, watch
    TV, be intimate, or even text. My body reacts negatively to everything.
    Eight years I have been going through this but I am at my worst now. More
    suicidal thoughts. I’m tired.

  9. Coolnicknameguy says:

    I also feel adrenalin spikes in my chest and after Im fell weak 🙁 all I
    want to do is sleep after 1

  10. Scottilynn McClellan says:

    Thank you for this video! It sounds so simple, yet it’s so complicated to
    do! I suffer from Emetaphobia so every time I feel the least bit nauseous,
    I start getting a little panicky. Then whenever I’m anxious about anything
    I get extremely nauseated! I’s a never ending cycle! How do you stop
    yourself from vomiting, especially when vomiting is your biggest fear?? 

  11. Coolnicknameguy says:

    I also keep getting them on the free way cause southern califorina drivers
    stress me the fuck out.. they on their phone texting at 90mph drifting in
    my lane like daily!!!

  12. Thomas Malone says:

    We all know what the doctor is saying that a panic attack wont harm us but
    this does nothing to comfort somebody who has to deliver a speech in front
    of a group of people who has panic disorder. The symptoms wont go away and
    it is the effect of the symptoms that reinforces the fear. Telling somebody
    that you will be ok afterwards but whose voice is shaking, knees trembling,
    heart racing, thoughts scrambled, ego bashed etc is of zero comfort in the
    heat of the moment. No nearer a solution I’m afraid with this broadcast
    although the core aims of the program (accepting your symptoms) has merit.
    The search continues.

  13. Mopar Gold says:

    I almost felt instant relieve
    But still feeling stomach pains/tightness

  14. Robert Z says:

    I’ve been “dealing ” with panic disorder for thirty years. During that time
    I’ve gone through numerous behavioral therapy treatments, countless
    medications, and even been a participant in a world wide clinical study.

    I think the sooner you deal with anxiety, the better chance of eliminating
    panic attacks. Do not wait, and push to get a professional to properly help.

    Having said that, I wonder if the doctor has ever experienced full blown
    panic attacks that come in wave after wave for hours, with each wave
    increasing in strength. Uncomfortable is one thing, but immediate soaking
    of sweat and a heart rate of 140 and choking and numbness and fear and
    worst of all the severe depersonalization goes far beyond being
    uncomfortable. There is nothing even close to a depersonalization
    experience; well, perhaps a “bad LSD trip” is similar. I know I won’t die,
    but the “uncomfortable” feeling is unlike any other negative human
    experience. It’s orders of magnitude worse than anxiety symptoms.

    In my opinion, once the brain is wired and experiences a feeling or
    emotion, the memory is there and it’s a lot easier to experience again. If
    the memory could be eliminated, I think that would help a lot in dealing
    with long term sufferers.

    Just my two cents worth.

  15. Lee Robertson says:

    Thank you for this, I have had “slight” panic attacks all my life really
    but yesterday was by far the worst, I really thought I was going to die (I
    have underlying health problems anyway, I have a defibrillator due to a
    heart attack in 2007) I had to phone an ambulance as I was so scared for my
    life, anyway, this video has made me feel a hell of a lot better and I now
    know what to do and think when and if it happens again. What I will be like
    putting into practice is another story but I obviously just need to relax,
    accept what it is, know I will not die from it and face it head on.

  16. k.c.a. schneider says:

    this is awesome!

  17. Alex A says:

    Good vid. We must cross winter to reach the spring.

  18. trianfullness says:

    Thank you so much barry youve helped me to conqure the fear of panic
    attacks which is what causes them. They are not dangerous so i dont try to
    stop them anymore. God bless u!

  19. Lisa Young says:

    I just ordered Panic away as I have had panic attacks for the past thirty
    years along with generalized anxiety disorder. My 18 year old son had his
    first panic attack the other day, so I went online to do some research to
    find something to help him. It hurts to see him in so much agony. I hope
    this program helps the both of us. I have been on clonazepam for years and
    don’t want him to go on it at such a young age. He has an appointment with
    a psychiatrist in a week. I know he is also suffering from depression. I am
    going to request that he is not given any anti-anxiety medication. This
    program, I hope is the answer to our prayers…

  20. Carolyn Stage says:

    I have been suffering for as long as I can remember (25 yrs) from panic
    attacks. I have learned the techniques , use them,. but after so long it is
    extremely hard to stop the thoughts racing in my mind. My biggest issue is
    driving on a freeway. I’m afraid I will pass out and kill someone.. HELP

  21. Mopar Gold says:

    This video helped me realize how stupid I’ve been I running away from my
    problems. I used theses skills and they worked 

  22. Carmelo Falcone says:

    Interesting points especially the one not walking around but my anxiety is
    debilitating. Times when can’t even walk straight or properly. My body has
    sensation all over it. Lightheaded and feeling like your whole body got
    stung my a bee. Pure adrenaline!! Like doom is near and its no joke…

  23. Johnny Wilson says:

    I have constant anxiety everyday. I wanna try panic away program. 

  24. nelberth obeso says:

    My panic attacks disapeared.. im 25 yrs old now, way back when im only
    18yrs old when it started and i have no idea whats going on to myself why
    im harder to breath and going to die today or later.. i dont tell anyone
    even my parents what happen to me and im just observing why i got this damn
    illness.. and i found out that i having mental disorder or what we call
    this panic attacks.. my technique is dont ovoid the attack. Accept it and
    fight for it, dont think u dont have that illness thats nature and relax..

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