Dr. Alan Nathans adjusts 2 year old Olivia

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Dr.Alan Nathans | Chiropractor | Jacksonville, Fl | 32256
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2 Responses to “Dr. Alan Nathans adjusts 2 year old Olivia”

  1. drnathans says:

    The spine protects the nervous system. The nervest go to every part of the body exit through openings in the spine and go to the lungs, heart, colon, pancreas, liver and the vessels, etc,etc. Even the vessels expand and contract because the nervous system tells them to. The vertebrae misalign because of injury, emotional and physical stress and poor lifestyle habits and puts pressure on the nerves. This pressure leads to mal-function to the lungs. Chiropractic restores proper function. Simple:))

  2. chibi013 says:

    The spine and the lungs are two totally separate systems that aren’t even connected save for blood vessels. How does it break up her congestion?

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