Dream Theater – Panic Attack (Acoustic guitar arrangement) – Thomas Zwijsen

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Panic Attack (Dream Theater) arranged for classical solo guitar by Thomas Zwijsen. Thomas Zwijsen’s latest album “Nylon Maiden” (Iron Maiden arrangements for…

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25 Responses to “Dream Theater – Panic Attack (Acoustic guitar arrangement) – Thomas Zwijsen”

  1. Rodrigo Ronconi says:

    How can people say “cool” or “nice” to that? That was spectacular!
    Outstanding! You just made 99% of youtube guitar videos a completely
    garbage, including mine. 

  2. Imri Agmon says:

    Do more Dream Theater songs! You are incredible!

  3. Mario Renor says:

    Great Job!

  4. Julio Melio says:


  5. Giovani Rossano Pinotti says:

    Great Thomas!!! Make a “Pull Me Under” acoustic version. You’re a genial

  6. angelo moro says:

    cool performance

  7. Carlos Henriques says:


  8. Thomas Zwijsen says:

    thanks for the nice words, and I’d love to play live in Mexico!

  9. virivsd says:

    greaaat dynamic dramatical piece….

  10. MAYKOL6980 says:

    Sé que tal vez no leerás esto porque soy de México Thomas 🙁 …pero quiero
    que sepas que también tienes fans en Latinoamérica, un abrazo grande, eres
    mi inspiración a seguir y en mi opinión un genio :’D Saludos desde México…

  11. Lennart Berends says:

    Zie ik je @ het aankomende Dream Theater in Nederland concert dit nummer
    ook met ze spelen? Haha, dan sta ik vooraan!

  12. Thomas Zwijsen says:

    Petrucci blijft natuurlijk een held, maar thanks!!

  13. Jan-Willem Bullee says:

    Niet normaal. Petrucci kan wel inpakken. Werkelijk geniaal dit.

  14. 光珣 黎 says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!! Is the tuning CGCFAD?

  15. Vivek Venkateswar says:

    Thomas. This is excellent work. I saw you on tour with Blaze Bayley and you
    did a fantastic job. Cheers

  16. Thomas Zwijsen says:

    yes I would, better example: if someone can’t afford an iphone, would apple
    give it to them? why isn’t being a musician considered as a serious job? my
    job is full time touring, recording and obviously selling other merch
    items. Making a tab book costs a shitload of time, why wouldn’t I sell it?
    I don’t need to make tabs, I don’t need them to play this! If people don’t
    support musicians there are not going to be many good ones left.. and by
    the way, isn’t it enough i upload the songs for free?!

  17. Frank Roerdinkholder says:

    Super Thomas, klinkt erg vet!

  18. Holly Hypercubed says:

    If someone couldn’t afford food, wouldn’t you give it to them? You should
    do this for fun, it’ll be easier. Lovely playing though!

  19. Dave Stannard says:

    I absolutely love it! I need the tabs so bad but can’t afford to get the
    books! Pretty please upload the tabs for free and I will love you forever.

  20. Thomas Zwijsen says:

    thanks mate! you like it now but will be very bored of it when you hear me
    play it every night on the Master Guitar Tour 😉

  21. Benjamin Woods says:

    Very nice job Brother!

  22. AntigaCoruja says:

    You make the guitar sing . More DT suff.

  23. Marcos Borges says:

    I‘m gonna call this ‘Awesome Theater‘.

  24. Guid5i says:

    Insane skills! Insane feeling! Insane interpretation!

  25. Michael Shaw says:

    What’s the tuning for this?

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