Dream Theater – Panic Attack [bass cover]

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Thank you ! by るしふぁ.
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25 Responses to “Dream Theater – Panic Attack [bass cover]”

  1. Taylor Manning says:

    You’re playing is amazing! 😀 What kind of bass is that by the way? It
    looks like a Music Man, But I’m not sure.

  2. Josh Sanya says:

    how did you get that tone dude?

  3. MangoHombre says:

    Play bass like that and you can tell God to get off your cloud.

  4. Lorenz Korn says:

    J-John? Is that you?

  5. TheAdeptRogue360 says:

    I wanted to learn to play this song. My, wow is it fast on the fingers. Can
    anyone tell if he’s using three fingers? Looks like three…

  6. Ridho Pardede says:

    perfectly done

  7. Andrew Fultz says:

    What kind of bass are you playing??

  8. Tom Guego says:


  9. Danny Spring says:

    What a god. Insane

  10. Petra Pavlov says:

    Intense. Love it so much.

  11. Patric Parii says:

    best bass cover of this song

  12. Roman Velasquez says:

    youre a monster men…¡¡ great job¡¡

  13. sum16kwt says:


  14. Giulia Brillini says:

    Amazing! Love this

  15. Saul Avalos says:

    What is the tunning?!?!?

  16. cherryorchards says:

    If only the original bass track on the album.. that loud… Outstanding.

  17. Frans Bentz says:

    Dude, there is not a single thing I could say/type that is not good about
    this video!

    I love your sound, technique, song choice and even your bass itself!

  18. Abraham Gomez says:

    Why would anyone downvote? This guy has an amazing talent.

  19. Jacquelyn Rardin says:

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    good stuff about Zomopanic Eraser (do a google search).

  20. jujoceagui cesagui says:

    Good very good

  21. gvnfbnfgn says:

    what… how?

  22. Михаил Таргонский says:

    God job. Perect sound!

  23. Ganondorf Rulez says:


  24. MasterChiefR75 says:

    I think it’s Bb-E-A-C-G

  25. Knuckx117 says:

    christ, it’s terrifying to watch his hands.

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