Dream Theater – Panic Attack (Bass Cover)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) I’ll be frank [Alright, can I still be Garth?]. This song sucks. It’s a good song, but hot damn, my fingers were like pudding by the time I finished the song. And normally I wouldn’t excuse myself for all the mistakes, but I was even happy to make it to the end with out totally dropping the ball. I did my best And like I said, I was just happy to play that last note. Apologies for going off screen a little bit. For all you who have been asking, the tuning I’m using is standard down a whole step. Low to high: ADGCF Bb. John Myung uses a sort of weird tuning, where he only drops the B-string and the D-string. I imagine this is to make sure the neck and the action is less affected than dropping all strings. Bass: Ibanez SR506
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Dream Theater – Panic Attack (Bass Cover)”

  1. Falloutfan961 says:

    @Dandito3000 its not an obsession. i have a poster in my room. (and halo anf fallout3 and metallica and megadeth and collective soul and nickel back and guitar and an inspirational hang in there cat poster and a dog poster and a framed rose and a daft punk poster.)

  2. Dandito3000 says:

    you have an unhealthy obsession with sonic but ur bass is good 😀

  3. beeeoooppp says:

    Great performance.
    But why all the love for the hedgehog?

  4. straightupballin3 says:

    @theillusionist6677 yeah holy wars is nuts lol

  5. theillusionist6677 says:

    @straightupballin3 That and holy wars :p

  6. 92observer says:

    someone likes Sonic the Hedgehog

  7. DIRTYSANCHEZ1995 says:

    i can play that song, but with a bunch of fuckups in the intro, and i use a pick… props on finger playing

  8. 21Rushisaband12 says:

    love the sound gear basses

  9. gluke35 says:

    You’re a crazy little fuck.

  10. treytreyk123 says:

    how can someone not like this he has a amazing talent.. i know i couldnt do that in a billion years so i give him two thumbs up…. and i love the song

  11. straightupballin3 says:

    geez you really need endurance to play this song..holy shit

  12. MrFishyFishyFishey says:

    @Jamsessionroom1337 Hey, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. 😛

  13. Juan30009 says:

    perdi uma guitarra por sua culpa 😡

  14. Jamsessionroom1337 says:

    @MrFishyFishyFishey Music joke…. Really?

  15. karmagedon says:

    One of the best covers of this song on youtube.!

  16. lordcroesus says:

    You’re so damn articulate with your semiquavers…! Nice job.

  17. TheJDroid says:

    Can see ur a fan of sonic 🙂

  18. drtynggrhppy1 says:

    do u think u could tab this out and if so send me the link for it

  19. waltervt says:

    That’s some crazy ass fast playing! Very nice!

  20. MrFishyFishyFishey says:

    Wearing a shirt with a treble clef on it while playing bass.

    IIIIIIROOONNYYYYYY! Haha, but great cover, man. All your videos are insane.

  21. nayerazam says:

    Hey! Have you heard about anxiety zero technique (I think its at Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin pretty much cured panick attacks with it.

  22. Boldmeateor says:

    @MusicMan41894 Aaahhhh so he has the double octave. I wish my 5 string had double octave.

  23. UltraDarkPeanut says:

    sonic posters FTW

  24. MusicMan41894 says:

    @Boldmeateor 24

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