Dream Theater – Panic Attack – guitar cover [JP7 BFR]

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (3)

Tuned half step higher than the original. Solo is not ideal, but I tried my best :]

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3 Responses to “Dream Theater – Panic Attack – guitar cover [JP7 BFR]”

  1. Jesper Jansson says:

    Tabs for the last part of the solo, the sweeps. Great cover mate, though
    something feels wierd with James voice.

  2. Mark Baber says:

    Dude this is amazing, you’re very good. Keep the coming friend.

  3. NicoleNeedsMusic says:

    This sounds promising. Great audio quality. Enoyable for my ears. Nice
    played. Like it, doubtless. I also like the different camera angles you’ve
    chosen. Intresting so see how you play. Keep it up, Marcin. Nice going.

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