Dream Theater – Panic Attack lyrics on Screen

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Dream Theater – Panic Attack lyrics on Screen.
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24 Responses to “Dream Theater – Panic Attack lyrics on Screen”

  1. alex hoff says:

    the hardest song ever

  2. Brian Kunkle says:

    This album is aging well in my opinion. When it came out it sort of felt
    like 6 average and not so progressive DT songs + Sacrificed Sons and
    Octavarium. But if you give it time, each of those 6 songs are pretty
    interesting in their own right.

  3. Aaron McKay says:

    This song is effen awesome

  4. Jean-Ulrich Josset says:

    I’m at this precise moment victim of a panic attack, ( I hope so) that’s
    why I’m listening to this song. I’m just afraid of dying. Falling in the
    dark. And I swear that listening to this music ( with alcohol) has just
    helped me, a little. Hope I’ll be still alive tomorrow. in that case I will
    post another message here. 

  5. June A. Clark says:

    For stopping panic attacks entirely, you need to know what cause it,
    strategies to cure it and what make it worse.

  6. Jessie Iverson says:

    complex delirium. or complex realizations.

  7. stelios antonopoulos says:


  8. jamfdrums says:

    strange out of sync words. thanks for the post

  9. Nicholas Allen says:

    The drums are completely insane in my opinion. 

  10. marios paras says:

    learn to write lyrics…it’s an advice..

  11. SkyFire Games says:

    como chama a musica dele ke começa asiim tan tan tan tan tan ?

  12. Alex Burchell says:

    Does anyone else get the impression that Dream Theater are big Muse fans?
    (see 4:20 for what I mean…)

  13. Alex Burchell says:

    True. I think this one has MORE of a muse influence though…

  14. MetaliGurrl says:

    Stealing my icon!! Haha, I only stopped using that a few weeks ago! xD Vivi
    for the winz! :3

  15. MonetizingTech0 says:

    i lold

  16. alex pena says:

    yea it was a little 2 late… including if ur trying to learn it.. loll :p

  17. WaterDragonFist says:

    Nice try with the lyrics

  18. ComedyKid12 says:

    Also the song “Never Enough” has a HUGE Muse influence on it.

  19. RaNdOmCoUsInS321 says:

    yea it’s all late the dude under me is right P: lol

  20. Daniel Huerta says:

    lyrics fixed watch?v=q7W6AYxtA0g

  21. TwinTailzWolfcraft says:

    A little too many Tan’s dude.

  22. TwinTailzWolfcraft says:

    Who cares? Still an epic song 😀

  23. dragonhunter171 says:

    you should really fix the timing on this

  24. mcrfreako1011 says:

    perfect explanation of a panic attack.

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