Epic Score – Panic Attack

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15 Responses to “Epic Score – Panic Attack”

  1. xbox360guy19 says:

    68 people didn’t have a panic attack 😉

  2. bladske says:

    @narsille This will CAUSE your panic attack 😀

  3. TharTassakahn says:

    Lyrics: I’m having a panic attack! (etc)

  4. GCreble10 says:

    @chiffmonkey Because they had a panic attack.

  5. GCreble10 says:

    @chiffmonkey No, they had a panic attack before they could hit the dislike

  6. Kehim Lusin says:

    whoop whooop whoop whoopp panic attack

  7. 97alexk says:

    every epic commnet on the epic scores songs is about the title of the song!

  8. Xineombine says:

    like something from MGS4’s soundtrack

  9. BDaDennis says:

    In Soviet Russia we attack panic.

  10. chiffmonkey says:

    The dislikers forgot to exist.

  11. narsille says:

    the next time i have a panic attack this will be playing in the background

  12. chiffmonkey says:

    @GCreble10 And then forgot to exist.

  13. Ellen Pronk says:

    1 person is a troll, and an asshole.

  14. Chris Cruz says:

    PlayStation and X-Box fighting!!

  15. MewxCrimson says:

    omgg this is sikk and im mean wikkedd i mean…I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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