Free Panic Attack Anxiety Attack Cure must watch!!!

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It came to my attention that so many people around this world are suffering from Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Disorder GAD. So many people have imprison…
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25 Responses to “Free Panic Attack Anxiety Attack Cure must watch!!!”

  1. Lior Bar-El says:

    hope this helps u bro.

  2. Lior Bar-El says:

    Thanks brother. my brother that is not what said though what i said is u will have obstacles to test u and I also said for those who don’t believe it is ur mind that tests u. we will always be tested in this life that’s what makes us stronger.

  3. Dave Vernon says:

    I agree with everything you said, apart from the god part, just because someone has faith in god doesnt mean they wont get hurt, but that said this was very helpful, and must thank you

  4. Lior Bar-El says:

    Part 2 is being uploaded now.

  5. Lior Bar-El says:

    anytime my sister I will be doing a part two to this and I hope it helps also.

  6. Mercedez Chico says:

    this helped me more than i could imagine.

  7. Lori Cammack says:

    oh and i have tried many different meds…all they do is either make me feel more anxious, or they work for a small time then stop working, or the side effects end up making me quit them. I am VERY sensitive to meds of any kind…i’m tired of them.

  8. Lori Cammack says:

    You, Sir have restored my faith in humanity! I have been suffering for 18 years, since the young age of 22 with panic/anxiety disorder, depression, social phobia, and i am SOOOO tired! Going to try the all you suggested but i am scared…lol..i do all i can to AVOID attacks..i can’t imagine making one happen..i very much do believe that demons just LOVE to mess with people, myself included. I have done the sage and it always helps. Nice to find someone who thinks spiritually the way i do too!

  9. Lior Bar-El says:

    do not worry trust me u will be healed I am writing the video as we speak writing topics I want to cover to help understand and eliminate all problems.

  10. sedebebe078 says:

    many thanks lior i realy apreciate all your help your a good guy for helping us through this realy difficult time.
    im realy looking forward to your next video on this

    many thanks again lior

  11. Lior Bar-El says:

    ill tell u what ill come out with more parts I helped many overcome it and if I stumble upon anything new that I find and proved to work on my clients ill make another. I am working on the video hopefully tomorrow.  I know how it feels to be alone and do this but it will make u only stronger infact its a good thing u mentioned that I will make sure to say that in the video also more in depth.

  12. sedebebe078 says:

    hi lior im still working on facing my fear i wont lie sometimes its realy difficult i think be alone makes it harder for me
    but i thank you very much for your help advice and support and look forward to your part 2 video on this.

    thank you lior

  13. TheMasterton says:

    thanks for your respond…yes i mean valerian ,also rock rose ,impatiens,star of bethehem,cherry plum….but not as the solution only for help ,i agree with you that i must work it myself….i am looking forward for part two…..!

  14. Lior Bar-El says:

    I want to give u larger answer and I will I am away till Tuesday when I get back I will go more in detail. if by flower u mean valerian root or st john do not use it these become things u will be dependednt on the only way to defeat this is u urself and u will I am working on doing a part two to this. let me know what u guys think about that alsoon Tuesday ill get back and speak more about that.

  15. TheMasterton says:

    i also thank you for the video ..even if i am not o religious man (i mostly believe in astrophysics and i have God inside me in a different way..) i am suffering from panic attacks and GAD for almost a couple of years ,i cut the caffeine (i used to drink very much),and my greatest fears are fading away and heart attack . two times i went to the hospital because of this fears…i hate chemicals and medicine too…. What is your opinion about flower remedies , are there any helpfull ?

  16. Lior Bar-El says:

    do not fear have faith I promise u I will get u all through this and u will see what amazing people u will become. Have faith it will all go away soon. please post the results once u get done and id like for all of u to make videos once ur done so u can help others. I love each and every one of u righteous people. have faith I promise u fear u shall know no more.

  17. Lior Bar-El says:

    Do u believe in spirits? well if u do or not evil spirits or u don’t believe ur negative side begs for food and that food is fear and doubt. when u face this no longer will that side have power over u. try it. let me know. Do not worry u will come out of this stronger and a greater person. let me know how it is for u.

  18. Lior Bar-El says:

    Okay I sent u a pm but if u didn’t get it ill post it here. First u need to come to peace with it and just sit down and let it happen. Never look at it as fear. Look at it as a blessing. When u look at it as fear u are feeding it. so that’s the number one tactic. Also beg for it to come learn to love it tell urself u want it to come and ur waiting for it u will see when u sike urself out it will never come.

  19. sedebebe078 says:

    great video

    i am realy not doing well i had my first panic attack august 3 2013
    and have been having regular pannic attacks since then the trigger of my panic is over analyzing my heart and freaking out suddenly when something happens and i realy struggle to sit down when doing the breathing i always panic and get up and pace around doing more gentle but not long deep belly breathing.

    any help at all lior would be absoloutley apreciated

    thanks for your video

  20. sedebebe078 says:

    hi thank you for this video

    when i have a panic attack i realy get scared to sit down and do the deep breathing i always get up and start walking because the sensations of my chest tightening and my heart beat changing suddenly makes so nervous and scared that always have to get up and move around whilst tapping my chest lightly to calm my self down and breath a few short then longer breaths also and i usually have to do this for hours after a bad panic attack.

  21. Lior Bar-El says:

    give one min to answer for them and when ur done send me the files and I will analyze it and I bet I will show u ur problem. do what I mentioned in the end of the video after that I am curious look at my video I did a communication part so every one can see.

  22. Lior Bar-El says:

    it might be narcolepsy. A friend of mine had it and doctors could not diagnose it. he would walk and faint in a sleep state just about anywhere. he grew out of it within 3 years or so. I still stand by my theory of demonic problems. They exist believe me and the biggest problem is people believe they don’t. Do me a favor. Take a regular tape recorder that u can transfer to ur pc leave it on for a miniut then ask questions like who are u how many of u are here ask each question u have 3 times

  23. Demoris Gry says:

    But there is one thing, when i pass out im dreaming and then woking up…. Its strange and im a really analitic person. The last resort for me was yt and i hope you Solutions will help me find my way through this. Great vids by the way.

  24. Lior Bar-El says:

    Lightheaded u will feel as ur blood pressure rises also as u palpitate. this is common if u faint its because it is a shock to ur system of fear this is extremely rare and based on those who I had helped through the years all reported that they felt like they were about to faint but they did not faint. itr is impossible. the fainting is because of something else not panic attacks. it is impossible. to faint ur blood needs to be low not high

  25. Demoris Gry says:

    You told that fainting is impossible. Im suffering from Panic attacks since im 8. Its Medical related phobia… Fear of death,doctors even listening about biology i faint. Doctors cant help i really dont know how to manage this. I can even cut myself with knife on kitchen and i know im fine but then suddenly i have to lat with my legs up to stop feeling lightheaded.

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