GOGOSTAR New EP ‘HIGHLIGHT’ / Panic Attack MV.mp4

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22 Responses to “GOGOSTAR New EP ‘HIGHLIGHT’ / Panic Attack MV.mp4”

  1. Carla MarilynPc says:

    Panic Attack (Y)

  2. Johanna A says:

    Thank you Simon and Martina! this is sooo awesome!

  3. Emma McLaren says:

    New favourite band & new favourite song. Seriously love it. ^^

  4. Emma McLaren says:

    Probably my favourite song by GOGOSTAR.

  5. Curly D. says:

    Love this <3

  6. Rebecca s says:

    My ears thank you for such lovely music. You guys are awesome! 너무 좋다! 최고!!!!

  7. Neraz says:

    LOVE gogostar MORE and MORE and MORE. wish u sell ur album overseas ^^

  8. Kanna Tenshi says:

    Buy it on iTunes~!

  9. SerenTann says:

    Really nice! From Singapore!

  10. SaraSinger1000 says:

    I can’t believe it took me so long to listen to something so overwhelmingly

  11. MonikaSyu7 says:

    This is soooo awesomeeee :ooo!

  12. Neraz says:

    I already buy the album on yes24 indonesia LOL

  13. Coma Blue says:

    Fantastic song and video!

  14. amovement01 says:

    This, sir, is brilliant. Mosh pits surely enter another dimension on this

  15. spress15 says:

    Thanks to Simon & Martina I am being introduced to a wider field of Korean
    music. Awesome!

  16. ProcrastPerfection says:

    I love this song! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP!

  17. Lupe Edeza says:

    I love you~~ :* … Oh wait~ I told you that a million times already~
    ヽ(・∇・)ノ Well, one more time doesn’t hurt to anyone 🙂 … Love from Mexico ♥

  18. Emma McLaren says:

    I love this song so much! They are such a great band. To see them live is
    on my bucket list! ^^

  19. Nirax says:

    Freakin love it!!!<3

  20. CorpseSpaz says:

    challenge: try not to explode from excitement while listening to this. me:
    fine…. ok i failed.

  21. Lucy Lu says:

    I cannot thank EYK enough for introducing me to this awesome band… they
    deserve so much more recognition than they get~

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