Having a panic attack off weed

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25 Responses to “Having a panic attack off weed”

  1. terryb597 says:

    I recorded this happening. If you guys listen, i wad trying to calm him
    down. Because I’ve experienced the samething. 

  2. stephii love says:

    Wow this is so sad. Having an anxiety attack on weed is SO SCARY. He should
    have been comforted and not laughed at. I have been through this experience
    a few times which is why I dont smoke anymore. My heart was pounding so
    hard I felt like I was gonna die, my eyelids were extra heavy, I was
    nauseous, I was twitching and pacing back and forth and I couldn’t stay
    still for shit. Truly the worst experience of my life so I can understand
    how he is feeling. I too was afraid to go to sleep in fear that I wouldn’t
    wake back. When you have a panic attack most of the time you feel like its
    hard to breath so if that was me and someone covered my face like the guy
    did in this video would have snapped. Panic attacks are no joke! Seriously
    traumatizing And not funny at all. 

  3. camilla k says:

    he was having a depersonalization. It’s a crazy feeling of ”getting out of
    your body”, you feel like you watch the scene without making part of the
    scene. Like you were watching the scene as a third eye. I know that he had
    this, because I had this shit smoking weed, and acted the same way.. It’s
    not good at all.

  4. Tomas Newton says:

    Bunch of asshole friends. This is no laughing matter, the man was is
    serious mental distraught. Grow the fuck up and have some compassion

  5. Jonathan _ says:

    Also it is not a good idea to smoke weed if you are already naturally on
    your toes or paranoid.. My first attack was crazy I mean I felt like
    someone was gonna kick in the door I was pacing back and fourth, heart
    pounding, fist balled up, knifes in my pockets, waiting for it to happen
    but never did lol 

  6. loreleivixen says:

    We stoners all go through the same thing. Mine happened at the park when I
    was walking my dog Lmao! 

  7. Brandon Sterne says:

    Asshole friends. Panic attacks, especially while high, are traumatic
    events. He needed reassurance not ridicule. Poor kid.

  8. jalopotan says:

    Laughing does not help him. That’s fucking evil. Especially when he needs
    you most.

  9. Jonathan _ says:

    I think every stoner been through it once or twice… I go thru it actually
    quite often but I’m use to it and keep it to myself, so even if I was
    feeling like I’m going to die around a lot of people you wouldn’t notice
    because I’ve been thru it before and know it’s from the weed and it will go
    away. For people trying to overcome it me myself always think ” well if I
    was gonna stop breathing I would have 10 minutes ago ” lol and it calms me
    down.. Realizing its more in my head… Also heart pounding just learn how
    to breathe.. Slowly 

  10. TheNokturnl says:

    Utter cock for friends

  11. aivlis says:

    They’re laughing because they’re high! The guy recording did calm him down!
    This happened to my little brother too 

  12. Nico Anthony says:

    That’s fucked up yall laughin n smackin him n shit yall don’t understand
    how bad a paniac attack feels 

  13. itsOrba says:


  14. Thelegitcrafter says:

    God i felt like that i smoked spice it gets u hig and i felt so wierd like
    the walls where closing on me i knew i had to keep chill good thing i
    didntpac like this i never gotten high in my life either

  15. Wag Wagon says:

    i remmber my firts time to smoke, i rly forced it and as for a first timer
    it aint good to be doing too much like me. after a few minutes it starts
    kicking i have no clue, of what happened. i was outside of my house with
    just my boxers panicking to get my sense together. it was rly fucked up
    horriyfying for me.

  16. amaze2n says:

    Now when I am high, my consciousness loses its ability to suppress anxiety
    and stress, and it analyzes my life from a realistic perspective at the
    cost of momentary well-being. This can be a good thing, as it opens your
    eyes to the reality of your situation, but can be extremely distressing…
    Especially when you are getting high with friends. This is why I don’t
    smoke weed anymore. I used to smoke 15 joints a day, and I didn’t have
    these problems. After a painful breakup, dropping out of university, and
    facing financial ruin, everything changed. Weed was no longer an escape.
    Very difficult time

  17. Lucia Jules-Russell says:

    The fact of the matter is that weed isn’t for everyone – not everyone will
    gain a positive experience from it. If you are an anxiety sufferer, like
    myself, weed – or anything mind/perception-altering, for that matter –
    probably isn’t a good idea. More cases than not, weed would cause me to
    have panic attacks, irrational thoughts and experience
    depersonalisation/derealism – none of which were pleasant. I wanted to
    enjoy weed, because everybody around me seemed to, but it just wasn’t
    happening for me. I came to the conclusion that you have to have a certain
    kind of mind for drugs. I think you have to be a pretty calm, laid back,
    rational, logical person – not neurotic, anxious, on edge and panicky. If
    you have a single negative or irrational thought, it’ll bring the whole
    experience to a negative, and you’ll feel stuck in a bubble, unable to get
    out. Weed would also make me feel very isolated and far away from everyone
    else, which only added to the panic. I think mental health should
    definitely be put before drug-taking. Know what your mental state is like
    first, and what it can handle. It took me a while to accept that weed
    wasn’t for me, because I would feel left out when everyone else seemed to
    be receiving this euphoric experience from it (you’re also made to feel
    like a bit of a killjoy), but after experiencing really low periods in my
    life due to anxiety, I realised that my mental health is the most important
    thing. People who can smoke weed just fine will never understand the whole
    panic/anxiety thing, but don’t let that stop you from making the best
    choice FOR YOU!

  18. Devon Gonzalez says:

    id skull fuck the hell out of my friends if they recorded me doing this
    shit. Making fun of someone having attacks like that is pretty fucked up.
    That shit is scary.

  19. Geoff Dahl says:

    I was smoking all night and I was driving. So out of no where I got a panic
    attack and I felt like I was gonna die driving so I passed out at a friends
    I was trippen the fuck out 

  20. Skyler Vensel says:

    this shit just happened to me last night it was my 2ed time its soooooo

  21. TommyCycles says:

    Are for you for real? You were fucking slapping him and mocking his fear of
    dying? You guys are pieces of shit, for real. Get off the thug mentality
    bullshit and kill yourselves.

  22. Janeel Nelson says:

    Lol I remember my first bad trip but I wasn’t crying and all lat my heart
    was just pounding hard and fast AF .. lol I thought I was gonna die 

  23. Anton Malhin says:

    Conclusion: Find new friends.

  24. luke a says:

    Fuck you guys you have no idea what its like its absolutely terrifying

  25. CONCRETE ASPEN says:

    the last time i smoked i got to high and got scared, i didnt cry tho, its
    not a good feelin tho, i understand that part

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