Heart attack or panic attack? anxiety,panic attacks, fight or flight response

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http://www.howtostopanxietynews.com “I felt literally – I had a heart problem and I needed to get it fixed or I was going to die” -Marie A Have you felt these type of symptoms? There…
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9 Responses to “Heart attack or panic attack? anxiety,panic attacks, fight or flight response”

  1. A.R. Vidau says:

    The real key is to rapidly eliminate the fear as soon as the panic attack
    starts because that’s what keeps you in the constant fear cycle ( a fear of
    another panic attack). I know of many people who have ended their extreme
    fear forever with a simple technique. If interested, search for 7 minutes
    to serenity.

  2. Baron Coultard says:

    The #1 reason normal panic treatments not work is because they will not
    train the individual to finish the fear of fear. Instead they teach you to
    ‘cope’ with all the problem also to handle the anxiety in the hope that
    it’s going to finally go away.

  3. niko belic says:

    I lay down on couch at night always happens and i feel like my heart
    missing beats so i jump up scared and i take my pulse to see if my heart
    is missing beats..i sooo scared im 36 i had 2 ekgs and i was checked out
    fully and doctor says all well…it feels like a emptyness in my chest wen
    i lay down….i get soo scared that my heart will stop or ill have a heart
    attack…i cant sleep at all i stay up so i wnt die…i know its messed up
    but thats how i feel and im in this anxiety prison….bless all you…niko

  4. xbtstriib4l says:

    i’ve found myself screaming at top of lungs and it actually gives a little
    relief, poor neighbours

  5. xbtstriib4l says:

    sometimes, also sometimes it feels like i’m not breathing right, i know its
    all in my head but that doesn’t make the aches and pains any less real

  6. How to Stop Anxiety News says:

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  7. de x says:

    I feel like I’m having a heart attack and that I can’t do anything for the
    rest of the day it drains me

  8. How to Stop Anxiety News says:

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  9. How to Stop Anxiety News says:

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