How to Alleviate Panic Attacks : Breathing Exercises for Panic Attacks

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Learn breathing exercises to help control and alleviate panic attacks with expert anxiety tips in this free mental health video clip. Expert: Ben Brennan Bio…
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25 Responses to “How to Alleviate Panic Attacks : Breathing Exercises for Panic Attacks”

  1. greybash says:

    This makes sense. Ever since I had nose blockage, I’ve been having more
    anxiety. Hopefully this works!

  2. Nirmalite1 says:

    @petrovicisdead Try Buteyko Method of Breathing it is very simple and based
    on results. Also try FreeMeditation com

  3. Austin Bolton says:

    This book changed my life. I make no money from this. I suffered like you
    looking for help, that is certain. Just read the reviews on Amazon, they
    explain the power of this little book. I was cured half-way through this
    book. Literally. Have not had a night time panic episode since reading it.
    Completely off medicine now too 🙂 Enjoy! I found my copy for like $4.00.

  4. InstantPanicRelief says:

    Breathing can really help when you’re going through a panic attack!

  5. deviantangel86 says:

    this is crap…. when you are lying on the floor crying and feeling as if
    you are breathing through a paper bag you dont really think of controlling
    your breathe

  6. xhellokitty69x says:

    People like me, who suffer from this can also take Melatonin pills or drink
    anything with Melatonin in it. Melatonin is not addicting. My anxiety
    attacks were soo bad that i couldnt leave my house. But then i started to
    calm myself down and i gradually was able to control them. I even started
    taking Melatonin pills and within 30 minutes id be calm. You can find those
    pills in your local grocery store. I REALLY hope this helped someone(:

  7. Stephane Oliveira says:

    Thank you very much for trying to help us… Thank you for helping us for
    Free… If God exists he reflects on people as you!

  8. Ashley Bell says:

    I’m very happy to see that they have a video for panic attacks. I was also
    in a bit of a panic when I looked it up. I have at least a minor panic
    attack around the same time every day. No one has ever really known how to
    help me and I love that someone cared enough to try to help. Thank you so
    so much it means so much to many of us.

  9. Gill Turpin says:

    I agree port… I tried PanicAway.. waste of money and no fucking refund. I
    know what to do when I am not panicking, its when I am thats the problem.
    Have tried them all. They all say the same thing about breathing,
    going-through-the-feeling… bullshit. I bet most of the people who make
    these vids have no idea what they are talking about.

  10. y0uchub3 says:

    i have been suffering anxiety for many years. my doctor perscribed me an
    antidepressent which didn’t react well with my body sending me to
    emergency. my body was numb and felt liek it was made out of ice, i
    couldn’t walk or stand without feeling like passing out. now added to my
    anxiety is a phobia of medication and it’s side affects. i need more help
    for the long run

  11. Nikelis2 says:

    I am a physician of 20 years and have suffered from panic attacks on two
    seperate occasions over the last 5 years. There is a real medical disease
    secondary to a chemical imbalance in the brain and there is no way to
    adequately discribe how terrifying it is unless you have experienced it
    yourself. Thankfully there are medications that can help and a primary care
    physician should be able to place you on medications that can drastically
    improve your quality of life. Get treated

  12. Jay Towie says:

    Do a search on Google for “crinc anxiety”, that solves panic attack and
    anxiety issues.

  13. allthings509 says:

    If you want to make your panic and anxiety attacks vanish forever try one
    or two sesiions of craniosacral therapy — instant result.

  14. K Stanford says:

    Sucks to be fragile

  15. Laurence Warner says:

    I am 76 y/o, and this book saved my life…..Back in the 60’s when I had my
    first one I thought I was going crazy…..I still get attacks once in a
    while, but knowing her steps on accepting etc…I can get thru them…This
    lady understood what we go thru ….God bless her….

  16. kairi lynn says:

    i HATE panic attacks. i’ve had them for 9 years.

  17. wonder Cheema says:

    Panic attacks and anxiety are actually very easy to cure, but very time
    consuming. When you get panic attacks just let it be, treat it as it is,
    try to examine it. If you try to compress it or overcome it with happy
    thoughts you actually expose your self to them even more. So next time you
    encounter a panic attack just examine it, any feelings or discomfort should
    be looked at as a enegry which is flowing inside of you.

  18. geoffreypjs says:

    I only wish I could breathe as well as the lady in this video when I get
    anxiety attacks. :/

  19. Chaiteaist says:

    @paskin36 ty for the warning!

  20. paskin36 says:

    watching that woman gasping at the end made me start to panic again.. : (

  21. PrOuDmAmIoFtHrEe says:

    Oh well now at least I can make buffalo cheese dip. =)

  22. Bearboy06 says:

    I feel the same way.

  23. ranimukherjee25 says:

    ps:i also seem to have some weird physical reactions–the feeling that my
    tongue is really thick and it is blocking my airway passage,i cant even
    swallow my own saliva.now when i go somewhere i usually look at the exit
    signs ,since i induce the symptoms when thinking about it –i usually seem
    to think that im in a plane for long time and there is no exit –then i
    start panicking again.jalso-im seeing a therapist now,still not much
    help.im soo worried i wont be able to go new place at nite

  24. mermaidwoman1000 says:

    i m so glad i found this site… thank u so much for posting this..

  25. tmobileg says:

    LOL. I agree with the last statement. The woman breathing did look pretty
    distressed in the video. Well, I don’t think this video was of use. It
    didn’t take me step-by-step on learning how to breath correctly.

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