How To Calm Down In 10 Seconds (Fast Relaxation Trick to Stop Anxiety and Stress)

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25 Responses to “How To Calm Down In 10 Seconds (Fast Relaxation Trick to Stop Anxiety and Stress)”

  1. Alexis White says:

    I have extreme panic attacks when I get to school and when I’m out in
    public..I literally can’t breathe or move and I stand there motionless and
    can’t speak..this helped me..thank you.

  2. cocoabuttabutt says:

    Learned this in therapy but never had success with it I felt like I got
    worse. I think my problem is the thoughts racing through my head won’t stop
    and the fear increases then it’s not only one thing I’m worrying about it’s
    a million things. I just wish this went away and it never comes back.

  3. Santino Garcia says:

    I just got stressed from not understanding my math homework, it made zero
    sence to me, i got all crazy and started crying, then my nose started
    bleeding, then my blood was getting everywhere and i was knocking stuff
    over on accident and i got super mad, this helped alot, thanks!!!!

  4. DARKVENOM055 says:

    I got stressed over a game, sounds stupid but i was playing bo2 and the
    reason why i get angry is because
    1. my controller is basically broken (when i press the left analog stick to
    run it wont do anything sometimes)
    2. I hate how i keep dying and dying over and over and over again, i
    honestly dont care about my K/D all i care about is that i get a decent
    amount of kills
    I’m so close to just destroying my ps3 AND my computer Why the computer you
    might ask?

    I’ll tell you why, sometimes when i try to open up a browser it wont
    connect to the proxy server and when i try to disable the proxy server i
    click APPLY then OK and when i open it back up it still has a check at:
    “Use a proxy server…”

    and it’ll take around 30 seconds just to load my browser. I’m so close to
    just destroying everything and btw my computer is 3 years old if that has
    to do with anything.

  5. Zebra Melon says:

    I sometimes have real rages of anger that I cant comtrol and this has
    helped A LOT THANK YOU

  6. Luke Castillo says:

    This shit helps bra i just did this dog and like dog like oMG! DUDE
    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN FLY!

  7. Kat Kerr says:

    Thank you so much, I can’t express how much this just helped me.

  8. Alex A says:

    Im 16 and i recently had an attack where i couldn’t breathe and I started
    trembling and got really nervous and scared… Is this an anxiety attack ?
    thats what the doctor said… also I get really paranoid recently when I
    feel like I can’y breath well :/

  9. Brandon J. says:

    I was brushing my teeth and just started to get stressed out about how
    dirty my sink was and starting sweating and panicing, my nose started
    bleeding I fell over knocked down everything and then I passed out. I woke
    up in a pool of blood with my pants down and a big black standing over and
    he said “you awake bitch” I started crying and panicing all over again. I
    started pouring sweat and my nose started bleeding again and then I tried
    your exercise and boy must I say it helped really clam me down. It didn’t
    make the black guy go away but my stress level went down dramatically.

  10. Chris M says:

    I passed out for like a minute after doing this, and I’ve never passed out
    before. What. The. Fuck

  11. gmog101 says:

    another great breathing technic I do is ” slowly inhale for 4 seconds. hold
    that breathe for 8 seconds, slowly exhale for 7 seconds. You instantly feel
    it, and it doesn’t look as crazy as tensing every muscle in your body in
    public lol (not that this wasn’t and isn’t a great vid because it is) but
    just something a little more concealed.

  12. GameHerbz12 says:

    Everytime I go to school, my stomach hurts and I shake. I hope I’m not

  13. estrella anguiano says:

    My situation is about the future

  14. Mayra Avelar says:

    I’m not even sure if this will work…I have terrible anxiety so when I
    have an attack deep breathing doesn’t help and not just that but because of
    my anxiety it upsets my stomach.. And then it’s like I have a monster in
    there it’s so loud which makes me more anxious and then I have to go to the
    restroom.. Please telling I’m not the only one with this problem. =[ 

  15. Courtney Crocker says:

    I was on the edge of puking because I was so stressed out. I looked this
    up, watched it and did it and felt a rush of calm go over me. Thank you so
    much. I have been feeling this way for weeks now, and I can finally

  16. richard hirst says:

    Thank you for this .. Iv had GAD and OCD for years and I never tryd this
    out Id say it help me better than sex this time. Don’t tell my girl friend
    tho,:P … Good luck every I wish you all the best with your recovery <3

  17. Indian jadoo says:

    thank you so much I hope your tricks help me thank you

  18. Eric Sherrell says:

    This is the same thing as clinching your fists and then expanding your
    fingers fully. Basically it overwhelms the “Sympathetic” Nervous System.
    Then your body reverts over to the Parasympathetic, just like this
    gentleman said. I used this yesterday at a holiday even with family.
    Worked like a charm. Thanks Steve!

  19. RetroMic says:

    I started crying after doing this…. I couldnt believe it helped.. Thank

  20. Bailey Behr says:

    Passed out. Thanks a lot.

  21. Abby Copley says:

    I didn’t know what it was until I started having random panic attacks when
    I was alone in my room and when im at school and out with friends, it
    really brings your confidence down and it stops you from doing things that
    you really want to do ! this has been happening to me for a while and this
    has really helped! THANK YOU SOO MUCH for making this video <3!

  22. Keelan Esquivel says:

    I actually had a panic attack while performing. I will start doing this.
    Thank you

  23. epowerboy says:

    Thank you for this video! I tried doing it last night and it worked!!! I
    was even able to fall asleep which is amazing because I would normally stay
    up all night even after I take the prescription drugs. I have a severe
    anxiety that lasts for several hours so having the drugs is an incredible
    relief but last night I felt like I was performing an exorcism on myself
    LOL and it worked!!!! 

  24. Jan Lao says:

    Actually this vidro made me angry because of how dumb and stupid it is

  25. Ashley Amtmann says:

    My friend had 3 panic attacks the other day and I didn’t know how to calm
    her down so this really helps. I myself get tense and anxious so this will
    surely help thanks. 

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